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Why Choose Polished Concrete Floors in Gold Coast, QLD

Many developers in the Gold Coast are now turning to concrete floors because of their benefits. Read more about their pros and cons on this site here. These flooring types are now common in many processing plants, manufacturing facilities, commercial shops, and in other areas where traffic is high and common.

While there are benefits and drawbacks that you should consider, many of the disadvantages are easy to overcome, and you may find that the advantages can outweigh them. It’s essential to consider the location and the people who’ll likely use the floors before installing this kind of material.

What are the Pros?

Very Durable

The polished concrete floors manufactured in Gold Coast are extremely durable and resilient. They can withstand pressure from the heavy traffic of feet as well as equipment. The well-polished ones are resistant to damage, and they don’t scratch or chip easily.


If you are on a tight budget, but you still want to get pretty floors, then polished concrete can be an option for you. These are more cost-effective choices than stone, tiles, hardwood, or marble options. What many homeowners love about them is that the costs of purchasing a finishing and polishing are way less than the cost of hardwood floor installation.

Less Maintenance

The concrete floors can save you tons of money in the future because they don’t need much maintenance. You can always get in touch with Concrete Floor Restorations when the need arises, but overall, these materials won’t have to be scrubbed and repainted after the installation. You may find that other flooring materials may require refinishing, waxing, stripping, and others, but the concrete will remain intact even with less maintenance.

Not Prone to Mold or Moisture Damage

If the concrete were properly installed, it would be immune to mold and moisture damage because the two can’t penetrate the interior in the first place. This is a great choice for residents with allergic family members inside the home. This is also for those who have asthma attacks because they can live in a safer environment.

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Versatile in Nature

Polished concrete will allow homeowners and business owners to get specific colors and designs that match their tastes. There are unlimited set-up options out there, and you can apply the materials to both indoor and outdoor settings. Some manufacturers will offer to stain or dye them for designs that will go with your interior decoration. 


A lot of people may have different opinions regarding the sustainability of concrete flooring. However, it’s undeniable that many homeowners wouldn’t have to discard them for decades and consume new materials, unlike wooden planks once they are installed. Therefore, the carbon footprint is reduced significantly, and the material is very durable. 


Because of its resilience and durability, it can withstand harsh weather elements like more rain and sun. However, note that as with any other polished surfaces, these kinds of floors can be slippery when wet, so extreme caution and signs should be put in place. 

They are generally suitable for patio and terraces, but they can also be ideal for your indoor area. Read more about amazing floors for your outdoor areas here. They are perfect for rooms that open to the outside, like dining rooms that go directly to the backyard or living rooms that open to a terrace. 

Costs to Consider

The installation costs of concrete flooring will vary depending on the material, manufacturer, and area. Many finishes are available, and the cost can range from $3 per square foot to $40 or more for specifically and artistically rendered designs and colors.

Basic Designs

The basic ones can range from $3 to $7 for each square foot that they cover. The contractors pour basic concrete on an overlay. The slab will then undergo a basic polishing with single staining treatments.

Mid-Range Designs

These range from $8 to $15 per sq. ft. The range may include pouring the slab on a floor design or overlay, then polishing it. The stains may consist of multiple colors that are artistically done to match the room’s interior design.

High-End Designs

These range from $16 to $30 per sq. ft. These are the most expensive and sophisticated varieties available, and they usually have intricate geometric patterns on their overlay. Multiple colors are mixed with a variety of textures. They are combined and polished with stamping techniques that will result in a more artistic feel and look.

When the concrete slabs are properly sealed and maintained, their lifespans can be indefinite. It will be a very long time before you need to replace them if you have to. Even if they were set in commercial settings, they are known for surviving regular and high traffic areas for many years. If you choose this kind of flooring, the amount of money that you’ll save can be a return on investment on your expenses with the installation and labor.

Repairs and Maintenance

The pad is the base of every concrete flooring, and this is very durable and strong. This is why many warehouses and garages choose them because they can withstand pressure from cars and heavy carts regularly. 

Overall, concrete is used in residential homes because it does not scratch with furniture legs or pet claws. You won’t have to worry about dropping or spilling liquids on the floors because it does not absorb stains. Over time, it can be possible to have some chips and scratches on the surface, but it will require greater force to do so.

If you want your floor to continue looking at its best after the installation, the process is fairly easy. You need to seal or wax it once every nine months to maintain the polished and protective layer. Other than these, it’s possible to keep the flooring periodically with neutral detergents, and blue utility pads are often used for stubborn stains on the surfaces.

The floors are susceptible to cracking and settling, and this is possible with renovations. If you decide to convert a basement into a living space, you may want to refinish or patch the floors to restore their sheens.

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Pros and Cons of Renting a Home

It has always been difficult to decide whether to rent or buy, the answer is to assess the current situation and investigate the positive and negative aspects!

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Everyone has their own opinion on this, although there is no definitive answer, all the arguments have both sides. The wiser thing would be doing a research, getting the best information and making a decision about the best option and if it suits the needs of the moment.  

Positive Aspects of Renting

Low Maintenance

When you own a property, the responsibilities, maintenance and local repairs are on you. However, when renting, you don’t have to worry so much about it, if there is something to repair or modify you should contact the owner to fix the situation. It is your responsibility to give correct use to the property things though. For this, it’s important that everything is stipulated in the lease to avoid unexpected surprises if something goes wrong and is out of control. Homeowners may sometimes add a special clause on who bears the repair costs.


It’s easier to move when renting a property, while homeowners need to worry about selling before moving, and depending on the market, which can take a while.

Low Cost Short-Term

Rental prices, especially for small and low-tier properties, are often much lower than those for a mortgage. Leasing can mean savings at the end of the year, considering that when you are a homeowner there are many expenses in mortgage loans, interest, taxes, insurance and others associated with it.

No More Remodeling

Generally when renting it is not allowed to Paint or make any big changes. Some tenants are more permissive and may approve certain improvements to their property, but nothing may be received in return.

Pay for Someone Else’s Debts

Renting means you’re financing someone else’s investment. That is to say that you would be paying another person’s mortgage and property taxes, instead of paying your own. Even if some major improvements are made to the property, unless it is stipulated in the leasing contract, the benefit will be for the owner and not for the tenant, because even if it is discounted from the rent, the improvement will always remain in the movable property, that can even serve as an excuse to charge more for that property.


Being the owner of a property is ensuring a home, either for the value it represents or the fact that of having a place to live if something ever happens. Meanwhile, renting is being at the mercy of the property owner, although there are many clauses in the lease that protect both parties in some way, there is no security for the tenant.

In conclusion, for those people with many debts or who go through many changes in their lives such as: marriages, new babies, or migration, taking responsibility for owning a property is something that should be thought through.

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