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5 Easy Steps To Designing A Super Cozy Bedroom

Bedrooms are without a doubt the most personal and intimate part of our homes. The perfect bedroom should be designed to be comfortable, cozy, and a place show off your personality! Whether you prefer bright and bold colours or simple and airy neutrals, we’re going to share some expert-approved tips on designing a super cozy bedroom you’ll never want to leave!

Install A Fireplace For Extra Warmth

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Shirley Meisels

At the end of a long day, your bedroom should be a warm and welcoming retreat, and a fireplace is the perfect solution for turning a plain space into super cozy sleeping quarters. Whether you use it to add extra heat or just bring style and architectural detail, a fireplace instantly enhances a room. We recommend a wall-mounted fireplace with multiple settings, so you have the choice of  a flame only without heat, and you can enjoy the look of a fire year-round.

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Use Natural Textures To Create A Comfortable Oasis

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AT Studio

Bedrooms are an ideal place for earthy-tones and neutral paint colours. Why? Experts agree that natural colours can calm your psyche and evoke a sense of rest. We recommend a subtle palette and soft variations of white on white or cream and taupe if you want the ultimate peaceful retreat.

Mixed materials like the down-filled duvet, grass cloth wall covering, bamboo bench, and wool Berber carpet add warmth. The sleepy space gets a gentle wake up from the quiet splashes of celadon green on the bed linens, pillows, and bench cushion. Plus, the plush wool Berber carpet is a soft landing spot for bare feet. (The rest of the floors in the house are sisal or hardwood.)

Choose The Right Mattress

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WN Interiors

Your mattress ultimately dictates how well you sleep at night, so make sure you invest in something that is worth the money and will last for years.

Here are some tips for choosing the right mattress:

  • Thickness: Most mattresses measure from five inches (5″) to 15 inches (10″) in height. Consider your body weight when choosing a thickness. If you are lighter, you may prefer a medium tick mattress. Heavier individuals may sleeping on a thicker mattress more comfortable.
  • Memory Foam: The comfort layers at the top of a mattress are linked to how well the mattress comforms to your body. This is important because you need a mattress that will relieve pressure and align the spine for a good night’s rest.  Mattress models with thicker memory foam and latex layers are the most comfort and conform best to the body.
  • Lasting Durability: Memory foam mattresses can last you upwards to 10 years, whereas latex and airbed mattresses can last even longer. Hybrid or innerspring mattresses can last a few years, since their construction is extremely cheap and loses form quickly.

Layer Fabrics, Drapes, and Pillows

Kay Green Design

Ever wonder why hotel beds look so comfortable to the point you can’t wait to dive in? Designers agree that the key is in layering fabrics and textures in multiple layers, because it creates a sense of security, warmth, and peace. In this space by Kay Green Design, Kay layered a patterned quilt over cottons sheets and 3 layers of pillows. The black-out drapes are Egyptian cotton and are hung high to elongate the windows. We suggest mixing materials like a down-filled duvet, grass cloth wall covering, or a wool carpet to add warmth.

Choose The Correct Lighting

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Robeson Design

Overhead lighting is unnecessarily bright for a room where sleep is paramount. Either put your light fixture on a dimmer or get rid of it altogether, perhaps replacing it with a lightless wooden fan. Instead of an overhead light, use a variety of smaller lamps set at varying heights to provide a texture of light. Use low-wattage bulbs and sturdy lampshades to diffuse the light throughout the room for maximum coziness.

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Decorating ideas Shop the Room!

Stunning Decorative Concrete Design Ideas 101

Decorative concrete is amazing for 2 reasons: it can be used outside as well as inside the home, and the design options are endless!
Brief History of Decorative Concrete

For most people, when they hear the word concrete the first thing that comes to mind are hard, grey slabs. You might be thinking: “What’s decorative about that?” It’s no surprise that concrete isn’t always thought of as a decorative option, especially to those new to the concept of it. But the innovations and techniques for decorative concrete appeared in publications dating back to the 1800’s!  The advancements of these techniques are what made decorative concrete the industry it is today.

How can concrete be decorative?

Not all polished floors are made of marble. Walkways aren’t always covered with paving stones. And some of those pool decks lined with what you think are red Spanish tiles are far from the actual thing. Decorative concrete is what lets you achieve all these effects and more without the complications of the real thing. Sure, a polished marble floor exudes extravagance but think about accessibility and cost. Decorative concrete floors give you the practical option of concrete staining to achieve a polished marble look for half the price. Now that puts things into perspective.

Different Decorative Concrete Processes
1. Concrete Staining:
industrial bathroom solid concrete stained polished flooring floor ideas indianapolis concrete artisans modern style


Concrete staining is the process of infusing concrete with an acid or water-based stain to achieve luminous translucent tones. Depending on the technique used, it can mimic the effects of marble, tanned leather, natural stone, and even wood. Concrete staining is ideal for interior flooring, kitchen countertops, and walls.

2. Concrete Stamping:

concrete etsamping patio pool deck modern home style decorative concrete staining polished flooring indianaolis concrete artisans

This process is an innovative alternative to pavers by embossing patterns on poured concrete. It lets you achieve that old English cobblestone look for your walkway or basically any stone, texture or color that you want. You can completely customize and create unique designs for your driveway, pool deck or patio.

Concrete Overlays:

scandinavian-living-room concrete flooring stamping polished stained solid floors indianapolis conrete artisans shop room ideas modern grey gray and white

All & NxthingApplying an overlay is done to permanently cover up obvious imperfections on concrete surfaces. There’s an expansive array of products available and the possibilities for decorative finishes are endless. Not only do overlays improve the aesthetics of concrete surfaces, but it also improves performance and wear resistance.

Polished Concrete:
Polished concrete kitchen floor modern home interior design indianapolis cocnrete artisans solid concrete decorative shop room ideas

Laura Burton Interiors

Polished concrete is done by dry or wet polishing concrete floors into a high-gloss finish. It can be combined with concrete staining to replicate the look of polished stone like marble and granite. From satin to high-gloss, polished concrete gives you smooth, high-lustre floors that will never go out of style.

What do you like most about decorative concrete design? Sound of in the comments below!

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