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Pros and Cons of Renting a Home

It has always been difficult to decide whether to rent or buy, the answer is to assess the current situation and investigate the positive and negative aspects!

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Everyone has their own opinion on this, although there is no definitive answer, all the arguments have both sides. The wiser thing would be doing a research, getting the best information and making a decision about the best option and if it suits the needs of the moment.  

Positive Aspects of Renting

Low Maintenance

When you own a property, the responsibilities, maintenance and local repairs are on you. However, when renting, you don’t have to worry so much about it, if there is something to repair or modify you should contact the owner to fix the situation. It is your responsibility to give correct use to the property things though. For this, it’s important that everything is stipulated in the lease to avoid unexpected surprises if something goes wrong and is out of control. Homeowners may sometimes add a special clause on who bears the repair costs.


It’s easier to move when renting a property, while homeowners need to worry about selling before moving, and depending on the market, which can take a while.

Low Cost Short-Term

Rental prices, especially for small and low-tier properties, are often much lower than those for a mortgage. Leasing can mean savings at the end of the year, considering that when you are a homeowner there are many expenses in mortgage loans, interest, taxes, insurance and others associated with it.

No More Remodeling

Generally when renting it is not allowed to Paint or make any big changes. Some tenants are more permissive and may approve certain improvements to their property, but nothing may be received in return.

Pay for Someone Else’s Debts

Renting means you’re financing someone else’s investment. That is to say that you would be paying another person’s mortgage and property taxes, instead of paying your own. Even if some major improvements are made to the property, unless it is stipulated in the leasing contract, the benefit will be for the owner and not for the tenant, because even if it is discounted from the rent, the improvement will always remain in the movable property, that can even serve as an excuse to charge more for that property.


Being the owner of a property is ensuring a home, either for the value it represents or the fact that of having a place to live if something ever happens. Meanwhile, renting is being at the mercy of the property owner, although there are many clauses in the lease that protect both parties in some way, there is no security for the tenant.

In conclusion, for those people with many debts or who go through many changes in their lives such as: marriages, new babies, or migration, taking responsibility for owning a property is something that should be thought through.

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Organizing Your Cleaning And Home Maintenance Products: A Beginner’s Guide

A home that’s clean and tidy is one that’s nice to live in. That’s the mindset that many Americans seem to adopt when asked about the importance of cleaning!

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Unfortunately, keeping a house in good condition usually requires the help of dozens of different products. That can be problematic because all those cleaning supplies create clutter and make your home appear messier than it actually is. Thankfully, there’s plenty you can do to organize these products, so you don’t have to worry about things getting out of control.

Arrange In Baskets

Although it usually takes a lot of supplies to clean and maintain a home, each product isn’t required for every task around the house. Some items you’ll typically only use to keep the bathroom spotless, while others will specialize in keeping your home dust- or mold-free. It’s a good idea to separate these products into their various uses, then store them in groups so they’re easier to find. Putting them in baskets is a great way to do this because the containers are compact, they make things look organized, and they’re always easy to locate. Plus, you can color coordinate them, or something similar, so you always know what basket is for which task.

Buy A Subscription

Being fully prepared isn’t a bad thing when it comes to home cleaning and maintenance. However, there is one big problem with stocking up on supplies so you’re ready for any eventuality. By doing this, you fill your house with a bunch of products that take up a lot of storage space. This can make organization difficult, which is why it’s worth seeing if you can get anything via subscription, rather than buying in bulk. For instance, there’s an air filter subscription available via Filterbuy, which offers regular delivery for hundreds of American-made filters. If you own a furnace or HVAC and don’t wish to fill your cupboards with replacement filters, you should consider an air filter subscription from this reputable firm, which offers a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every unit.

Spin Them Around

Under the sink is one of the most common places that people store their cleaning supplies. The problem with this is that things can become cluttered very quickly, making it easy for products to get lost. That’s why you should put a lazy Susan down there. This little turntable can make all the difference to your organization because you never have to worry about supplies getting lost at the back of the cupboard. Whenever you need something from under the sink, you just spin the lazy Susan around until you find what you’re looking for.

Hang Up Supplies

It can be incredibly frustrating when you need a certain product but you can’t find it because your cupboards are so cluttered with other supplies. This hassle can easily put someone off cleaning, which explains why so many Americans feel that their home is not clean enough. One good way to avoid an issue like this is to hang up some of your essentials in a shoe holder. This storage device is easy to hang up on a door and can usually hold as many as several dozen different products. As it’s designed for shoes, the pouches don’t have any trouble containing some of your bulkier cleaning items, making it perfect for this purpose.

If you’re going to buy supplies to keep your house clean and tidy, it’s probably a good idea to ensure they’re organized. These initial tips will help you do that, so you never have to worry about anything being out of place.

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