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How to Choose a New Mexico Janitorial Service

Many believe that we’ve come through the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that the vaccine is readily available to all who want it, life has begun to return to normal.

Things that were unthinkable two years ago are now commonplace. You could treat yourself to see a movie with your family. You could even go out to eat in a restaurant and not worry about whether it was a life or death decision.

But does that mean we can return to the lives we were living before the pandemic broke out?

Not quite. The disease hasn’t been totally eradicated. The threat of illness still lurks behind every public interaction.

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Although most states in the United States of America have lifted their mask mandates, many people still choose to leave the house with some form of protection. That’s because there are new variants emerging every few months. Those of us who remain vulnerable – the elderly, the immunocompromised, and the young – have to be on the alert. Click here to check the federal government’s Covid tracker.

If you own a business in New Mexico, you are probably already very familiar with the problems of Covid-19. One way to get your customers to return to shopping in person is by offering a clean, safe experience.

But how can you go about doing that? If you’re like most companies right now, you probably don’t have the labor available to deep clean your store as often as you might like. And even if you did, would your team know the proper way to handle a deep cleaning?

One solution is to hire a janitorial service to help you keep on top of things. These trained experts are always looking for the newest solution to a constantly shifting health and safety situation. Armed with the skills, gear, and know-how, they are ready and willing to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe and secure.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Let’s face facts. In a post-Covid world, cleaning with a dirty rag and a spray bottle full of watered-down window cleaner just isn’t going to cut it.

That’s something that companies specializing in cleaning services like  Zia Building Maintenance know very well. That’s why they offer electrostatic cleaning services.  Never heard of it before? Get ready, because it’s the technology of the future.

With electrostatic cleaning, a technician uses a spraying device in order to evenly coat all surfaces with a powerful yet environmentally friendly disinfectant. This new technology allows a deeper cleaing in less time, leaving you with an environment that is healthy and safe.

Having a clean workplace will result in fewer absences, which means less lost time and wages. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Clean Look

We all know that popular media has a certain way of portraying people who work in the cleaning industry. Often, janitor characters are messy and unkempt – the last people you would want responsible for the health and safety of your crew.

In Disaster Uncle, the main character is the perfect embodiment of this stereotype. He shows up to his job cleaning an elementary school with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, three days’ worth of growth on his face, and greasy, tobacco-stained fingers.

In reality, there are many companies that pride themselves on presenting a clean and professional expert to help keep your office or business clean. Make sure when you are checking the online reviews that you focus on this aspect so you won’t be disappointed when the professional arrives. Click here for more information about professional standards.

We’ve all been touched by the pandemic in some way. We gave up a portion of our lives in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Now that it’s time to return to some semblance of normalcy, don’t you want to do it in the best way possible?

Here in New Mexico, we took the pandemic seriously from day one. We were one of the first states in the country to enact a mask mandate. We stayed out of state parks when they were closed for safety reasons. We even accepted when the space museum was closed as a safety precaution.

Trust your business with a company that understands the importance of cleanliness in this new world. Trust a New Mexico Janitorial service to help you move into a new day.

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What Are the Specifications of Pet-Friendly Apartment Buildings?

Before you move into a new apartment with your pet, make sure to check the rules for pet-friendly buildings. Some building owners restrict certain breeds, including Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds. In general, however, these are not uncommon. How to rent a pet friendly apartment? You should also make sure to check any special amenities offered for your pet.

Breed restrictions

Some landlords restrict certain breeds of dogs, especially large ones that are “scary.” By imposing these breed restrictions, landlords reinforce negative stereotypes about these dogs and cause owners to abandon them. But you can work around these restrictions by convincing the landlord that your dog is perfectly tame and trained. To win over the landlord, prepare a pet resume including pictures of your pooch. Even better, suggest an interview with your pooch. This way, your landlord can see for himself if the breed of dog is dangerous or not.

Before making a final decision about whether to have a pet in your new apartment, consider how much space it will take up. Apartments are generally smaller than houses, and landlords don’t want to keep large dogs on their premises. Some communities prohibit mixed breeds and have age-related restrictions. You may need to explain the reason for the breed restriction and ask if you can find an alternative apartment. If you can’t find one that allows dogs, don’t give up hope.

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Weight limits

The maximum weight for dogs and cats in apartment buildings can vary greatly. Some landlords will accept dogs up to fifty pounds and others will not. Typically, the weight limits are set by the insurance company for the property. Some landlords may waive the pet approval requirement if you own a goldfish. Make sure you understand what the weight and breed limits are before signing a lease. Pet-friendly apartments can help you find the perfect place for your four-legged friend!

Some types of dogs are considered “gentlemen’s pets,” and some are not allowed at all. Large dogs can produce noise, and apartments typically do not allow them. Even big dogs can make thumping noises that disturb neighbors. Weight restrictions are also different between landlords. Check with your landlord’s policy for information about their weight requirements for dogs. If they won’t allow you to bring your pet, find another place to live.


Amenities of pet-friendly apartment buildings include dog parks and other outdoor spaces. Dog parks are especially popular in urban areas with sparse local parks. These facilities offer an area for your dog to play off its energy while keeping the apartment’s traffic flow in check. Some pet-friendly apartments even offer indoor dog runs to provide a warm, dry place for your furry friend to nap during the day. For more information about pet-friendly amenities and their benefits of them, read on!

There are many benefits to pet-friendly apartment buildings, and you can find a variety of them here. Some of these include dedicated outdoor spaces, pet grooming stations, and fitness facilities. There may even be a pet spa available for residents to use without having to leave their homes. In addition, you can purchase a pet insurance policy for your pet and use the rooftops as a dog park. Having a pet is a great way to increase the value of your apartment, so consider offering this amenity as a part of your lease.


In some cases, you may be charged pet fees even if the apartment is pet-friendly. It is important to choose the right apartment for your pet. Make sure to ask property managers about other pet owners living there. Ask about the communal atmosphere and whether or not there are any incidents between their pets or those of their neighbors. Investigating the community will help you avoid unpleasant scenarios. Space is another consideration. You should consider how much space your pet will need to live comfortably. If you plan on owning a large dog or two, you should look for an apartment with enough space.

A pet deposit guarantees the landlord compensation for any damages your pet causes. Even if your pet does not cause major damage to the apartment, it may still be costly to repair. Some states allow landlords to keep this money as a pet deposit. Although this fee increases the normal wear and tear on an apartment, it still offers a strong incentive for renters to choose pet-friendly apartments. Fees for pet-friendly apartments should be listed on the apartment’s website so that prospective tenants can budget accordingly.


If you want to live in an apartment with a pet, you must first search for apartments that are pet friendly. Many apartment complexes require a pet fee on top of the monthly rent, but they do allow cats and small dogs. Cats are often quieter and cleaner than dogs. If you want to live in an apartment with a pet, you must also check for breed restrictions. Some buildings may not allow certain breeds of dogs, especially larger ones. Make sure to research the requirements of each building in your area, before you sign a lease or pay the first month.

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Things To Consider When Planning A Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation will require proper planning if you want to get the best results. To ensure that your project runs smoothly, you must clearly understand what to expect and organize.

Bathroom renovations are a low-cost way to boost the overall value of your home, especially if you plan to sell in the future. Additionally, improving the space will ensure that you have a welcoming yet functional retreat to perform your self-care routines in the morning or before bed.

Planning a bathroom renovation is an undertaking that requires proper planning, whether it involves a minor or a complete overhaul, especially when there are major revisions in plumbing or electrical elements. In such cases, working with professionals such as a reputable local plumber would ensure a good start.  

If you want a good outcome for your bathroom renovation, consider the following things during the planning stage.

1. Measure The Size Of Your Bathroom

Before you begin your bathroom renovation project, you should first determine the dimensions by measuring everything twice.

One of the typical blunders in renovation projects is not ordering enough tiles, resulting in delays, especially if the tiles you want are no longer available. So, make it a priority to carefully calculate the wall and floor area separately and allow a minimum of 10% extra for wastage.  

Don’t forget to consider some key measurements, such as the size of your bathtub and the amount of space necessary for your toilet. Doing so will greatly help you plan the ideal layout of your renovation project.  

2. Examine Your Finances

Even if you can find average bathroom remodeling costs in your area, each project is different. The amount you’ll likely spend will vary depending on the size of your bathroom, the scale of the project, and the overall quality of the materials you’ll use. Before starting the project, you should ponder what you can spend and ask for estimates from several reputable contractors. Be sure that your upcoming project has realistic expectations.

3. Determine The Level Of Insurance Protection

When selecting a contractor to handle a bathroom renovation project, ask for proof of insurance. Contractors must have personal liability, workers’ compensation, and property damage insurance, among other things.

You should make an effort to screen select contractors for the renovation project and ask for written proposals that should include estimates and projected dates. Double-check to make sure that the contractor’s insurance covers all aspects of your renovation project. 

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4. Choose A Color Scheme And Style

If you want to refresh the ambiance of your bathroom, start with the tile colors and work your way from there. It’s best to go for at least three colors, with primary, secondary, and accent shades. Light colors like cream, white, or light gray are good options if you want your bathroom to feel more spacious and inviting.

When it’s your first time tackling a bathroom renovation project, it’s best to follow the 60-30-10 rule. Generally, the primary color comprises 60% of the space, and the secondary color is 30%. As for the accent color, it’s only 10%. For example, you can go for white cabinets and walls as the main color, gray for the flooring and countertops as the secondary, and black accessories and taps as the accent.  

5. Identify The Location Of The Water And Electrical Lines  

In a major bathroom overhaul, you should identify the current electrical wires and plumbing sites. Keep the wires and plumbing in their current locations and work on your design around them to avoid a costly project. You should immediately determine if you need to redirect water or electricity while planning the layout.

6. Incorporate The Right Lighting  

When selecting new lighting for your bathroom, consider LED, halogen, or daylight fluorescent if you want to create a natural ambiance. If you want the ideal space, try to layer the lighting with task lighting along with accent, ambient, and decorative lighting to illuminate the space well and eliminate any unflattering shadows. 

7. Determine The Best Options For Ventilation

A bathroom requires proper ventilation to prevent the development of mold. Eliminating moisture is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the risk of mold growth. A recommended approach is to go with a multifaceted approach by utilizing an exhaust fan venting the air outside and a window you can open and close when necessary. 

Final Thoughts  

A bathroom renovation project can boost the value of your property while ensuring you have an inviting and functional space. Working with a professional and understanding a few key considerations before, during, and after your bathroom renovation project will ensure its success.

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