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Things to Consider Before DIY Painting

DIY painting can be enjoyable when you know the right way to do it!

It is also a very affordable way to paint. However, there are some things you should consider before DIY painting. Among these are the quality of paper and ink. For the latter, use the HP Ink coupon code to get amazing deals. Here are some factors to consider before DIY painting.

Paint Color

At the outset, choose a color to use. It is also advisable to test the color of the paint before using it. Apply the paint on some surface and give it time to dry. Observe it when it is dry, both during the day and night. This will tell you what the color will look like when applied.

For instance, you want to paint your wall. Testing the paint color will give you an idea of how the color will look on your walls. If you feel the color does not suit your wall, you could always choose a different color.

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Quantity of the Paint

You do not want to run out of paint during a project or purchase too much of it. In that case, you should determine the amount you need. How can you determine the amount of paint you need? You need to be aware of the surface area you are painting.

If you are painting a room, you should know its square footage. A large surface area will require more paint. Also, think of the number of coats you want to do. One coat may be enough if you first think of priming the walls. More coats would need more paint.

Proper Supplies

Get the correct supplies before starting. These supplies include:

  • A robust stepladder.
  • High-quality brushes.
  • Roller extenders.
  • Painter’s tape.
  • Drop cloths.
  • Putty knife.
  • Rags.

Having such supplies will make your painting process easy. Overextending your body can result in injuries. So, these supplies should come in handy. A roller extender will enable you to paint high up the walls without the need for excessive stretching. The robust step ladders would enable you to reach the highest corners.

Choose Your Painting Technique

It is good to plan a painting strategy before starting. In most cases, professionals paint the trim first before the walls. Taper off the trim when the paint is dry and then paint the walls. But if the edge of your trim is not wide enough to hold the tape, paint the walls first.

Paint Quality

High-quality paint provides a uniform and smoother appearance. Quality paint may cost you more money, but eventually, you will save your coins because you would not have to repaint more often. High-quality paint lasts longer than cheap paint. Additionally, quality paint is easy to apply. It requires less retouching, rolling, and brushing.


Ensure the room has proper ventilation before you start painting. Open the windows or use fans to help speed up the drying process. Note that exposure to paint fumes for a long time can cause short-term health problems.


Always remember to prepare the room and the walls before you start painting. Use a drop cloth to cover all your furniture or other essential items.

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3 Clever Money Saving Tricks From The Kitchen Remodelling Pros

Our expert kitchen designers share their tips on getting the perfect kitchen remodelling project, all while cutting costs and staying within your budget! 

Across the nation, homeowners are enhancing the look, appeal and value of their properties by spending thousands to renovate their dream homes. According to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost survey, between March 2017 and March 2018, the average American homeowner spent $6,649 on home improvements. Many homeowners will spend considerably more than the national average, as the cost of a kitchen remodel alone comes in at more than $22,000. So if you’re planning to invest your hand earned cash into a kitchen redesign or makeover, it’s essential you take steps to protect your money in order to achieve your ultimate dream.

gold and white kitchen modern eclectic style with black marble quartz countertop idea bar stool chair decor home

House and Home

1. Know your credit score

With a complete kitchen remodel costing thousands of  dollars, many homeowners will borrow cash to cover the cost. If this is the case for you, it’s wise to check your credit score before applying for a loan. Last year, 57% of people checked their score at least once. By checking your score, you are providing yourself with peace of mind that you’ll be accepted by the provider and that your kitchen remodel plans can go ahead as expected. Thankfully, the majority of Americans have a ‘good’ credit score of about 700. Should you disagree with a finding on your credit score, you can dispute with the Credit Bureau. Once you raise your query and provide evidence to support it, they’ll make the necessary adjustments. At this stage you can plough ahead with your loan application.

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House and Home

2. Get your hands dirty

While it’s best to leave the installation of your kitchen cupboards, tiling and the laying of your new floor to the professionals, there are jobs you can do yourself which will save you a wad of cash. Rather than relying on your contractor to prepare the room, remove old tiles, cupboards and flooring yourself to save on labor costs, which the Huff Post reports eats up 17% of most kitchen remodel budgets. Meanwhile, tasks such as painting the walls, glossing the skirting boards and refreshing the paintwork on the doors are easily done by the most novice of DIY-ers.

gray and navy blue kitchen old fashioned stove victorian manhattan townhouse brownstone style

3. Only replace what you need to

The saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. And, homeowners’ budgets up and down the country can benefit greatly by sticking to this rule. With the typical kitchen remodel coming in at $22,145, that’s a big chunk of cash for any individual to part with in one go. Therefore, carefully review your kitchen to determine which features must be replaced and which ones can be given a lick of paint and reused. According to The Denver Post, by simply fitting new appliances, worktops and flooring at a cost of $4,000, homeowners can still enjoy a luxurious kitchen and reap the benefits of adding as much as 5% onto the value of their home.

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When the time comes to remodel your kitchen, it’s best to financially plan ahead and check that your credit score is healthy. Additionally, opting to reuse and recycle items where possible and carrying out some of the work out yourself is the ultimate way to keep your finances in check.

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