6 Style Tips to Totally Transform Your Kitchen

Written by Josie

The look of your kitchen is influenced by everything from the countertop finish and cupboard doors to the small accessories and ornaments you choose to display. Sometimes it’s the tiniest details that give your kitchen it’s charm and can completely change the look. Whether you’re going for a full-scale remodel or are just looking to add your own flare to the kitchen in your rental home, here are six style tips to help you transform your kitchen into a space that you want to spend time in.

1. Mix Textures and Material

Having everything all the same material can give a room an almost clinical feel to it, which is not really what you want for a cozy kitchen. Having a mix of materials and textures really adds character to your kitchen. There are multiple ways to achieve this variation, like introducing a patterned rug, having colorful and decorative (but also functional) kitchen towels hung in specific areas, or mixing up the countertops. 

2. Feature Lighting 

This is something that is becoming more and more popular in modern kitchen designs. Having hanging lights in the kitchen over the island to create a feature in the centre of the room is an inexpensive way to transform its look. This not only adds a stylish feature, but it also takes the harshness out of the lighting.

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3. Color Schemes

There is something so satisfying about having matching appliances. It makes the room look neat, thought through, and put together. Just imagine having your pastel colored Smeg kettle match with the coffee machine and milk frother. The range of kitchenware from Smeg is chic, stylish and of the highest quality. SSENSE stock design-conscious luxury homeware from Smeg, so all you have to do is pick your favourite color.

4. Add a Splash of Green

There are lots of benefits of having plants in your home, and adding some greenery to a room does absolute wonders for the aesthetics. There is room to be practical with this one too by having your fresh herbs growing in your kitchen. If you’re limited for space, use the windowsill or get some hanging baskets to hang in the sunniest spots. 

5. Use Contrast

While having a color scheme is a style essential in your kitchen, you don’t want everything the exact same color. Having different countertops to the appliances and using the contrast to make color and textures pop or stand out will be way more pleasing to the eye. Stick to a color scheme, but don’t be afraid to add contrast and other colors too. 

6. Be Practical

When it comes to adding the finishing touches in your kitchen, try and be practical about your choices. Use things that you use and need to add decoration and different colors. Using the fruit bowl as the centre piece is one of the most common practical decoration ideas, but be creative and see what else you have that will add some charm to your kitchen style.

A few simple changes can make a huge difference to the look of a room. You’re sure to impress your guests with your chic kitchen style after following these six tips.

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