How to Evaluate a Pest Control Service

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A good pest control service can help homeowners, landlords, and renters in controlling household pests. That is why choosing the right pest specialist needs a thorough evaluation. The quality of work, competency, and value are important considerations. These factors are good bases for finding the right pest control professionals. Below are some tips on how to check the pest control company you are eyeing on.

Read Online Reviews

Thinking about your home, health, and safety is important while looking for the right exterminator. The pest control service should prevent property damage while using their chemicals. It should use safe and effective products, especially if you have children and pets. You can find out a pest control company’s work ethics, competence, and efficiency through online reviews. Reading client feedback and reviews of best exterminator companies, can give you a glimpse of how the company does its work.

Consider Management Tools, Training, and Experience

Pest control professionals can use more effective pesticides. They have enough training to handle chemicals. Experienced exterminators are also familiar with different types of pests. They know how to find the nests and areas the pests frequent. There, they could then apply their special mix of chemicals to target and remove the pests thriving in your home.

Find out if the pest control service uses non-chemical methods and least toxic alternatives when needed. These include baits and traps that can take away the pests without leaving toxic chemical traces in and around your home.

Check for the Insurance, Registration, Licenses, and Certificates

All pest control professionals and companies should have proper operating licenses. You can verify their license status online. They should also have certificates and identification cards with expiration dates. These will let you know that they have the authority to perform pest extermination in your area.

Worker’s compensation insurance and general liability coverage can provide protection against accidental damage or injury. See if there are more details on the back of the contract. Is there a clause that can help settle any dispute? Is it possible to cancel the treatment without paying a penalty fee?

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Ask if the Company Performs a Pre-treatment Inspection

The pest control company may perform a thorough inspection for a fee. This will include a written identification of the pest or a hard copy of their diagnosis. The pre-treatment inspection should show you where the pest concentration is. It can also tell you the company’s plan to control the pest. The document should contain the details of the treatment. This includes the type of pesticide and the frequency of its application.

The company’s inspector should also provide you with product safety information. The precautions you must take for pets and children should also be in the treatment plan. A rough estimate of the cost should be in the document as well.

Review the Solutions

Study the lasting solution to your pest problem. A pest service company that uses a non-chemical approach will recommend monitoring and the use of baits. Reconstructing the infested area will disorient or even block the pests that frequent it. The company may also recommend several pest management techniques. These include sweeps at the bottom of doors and screen installation on windows.

Considering your tolerance to chemicals is also important. Ask about the pesticides and their active ingredients. What are their effects on children, pets, and the elderly? How would they affect people with allergies? You can request a safety data sheet for the chemicals the company will use on your premises. For more information, you may contact your local agricultural commissioner.

Find out where and how the pesticide application will happen. Spraying these chemicals around your home will be costly and ineffective. The rain will wash the chemicals away. The runoff may contaminate the sources of natural drinking water and nearby waterways. Stay away from pest control companies offering automatic perimeter sprays. The pests in your home may not be around at certain months.

Evaluating a Pest Control Service Will Ensure Optimal Results That Fit Your Needs

Assessing the pest control company that you want to hire will be worth it. Doing so can determine if the company’s methods and products are safe for your household. Gauging the extensiveness of the treatment will tell you if it is a long-term solution. Taking the time to check the pest control company will tell you whether to hire it or move on to another search.

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