Bathroom Design Ideas That You’ll Love

Written by Josie

Designs affect a space’s or product’s function and appeal. The layout, chosen materials, color scheme, and features impact the overall design. A prioritized aesthetic or the project budget can influence your interior and exterior designs.

Many homeowners invest in bathroom renovations. Bathrooms are critical rooms when reselling homes because buyers may not purchase a house if they need to remodel the bathroom. Bathrooms also impact the occupants, and a dysfunctional bathroom can pose safety hazards and cause frustration. Whether you’re thinking of renovating before listing your property or modifying your bathroom to suit your needs and preferences, you’ll love the bathroom design ideas explored here.

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Countertop Basin

Traditional vanities have undermount sinks. Undermount sinks drop below the surface level of the countertop. In contrast, a small countertop basin sits on the countertop. A countertop basin can become a focal point in your bathroom design plan. It’s an impressive feature that attracts attention, but it’s also practical. With undermount sinks, the sink consumes storage space inside the vanity’s cabinets. You’ll have to work around the pipes and sink to stock supplies. However, with a countertop basin, you’ll only have the pipe descending from the basin consuming a small space. The absence of a descending sink enables you to have more shelves and stock more products inside your vanity.

Countertop basins offer more options when you’re determining where to place your taps. You also won’t have to bend down as far when you’re brushing your teeth. Countertop bowls are easier to install and help contain splashing water, preventing water from spilling on the countertop or wall behind your sink. You can choose countertop basins that are oval or rectangular. You can also choose between white, colored, and sculpted basins.

Walk-In Shower

Many homeowners opt to convert bathtubs into walk-in showers, and there are several reasons to consider this design option. Walk-in showers increase property values, making this an excellent design choice if you’re thinking about listing your house. Walk-in showers also improve bathroom safety. The combination of slippery surfaces in bathrooms and water creates safety hazards for people of all ages, and bathroom injuries send hundreds of thousands of people to hospitals each year. Walk-in showers reduce the risk of falls because people don’t have to step over a high threshold to enter the shower.

You can enjoy a more cohesive bathroom design with a walk-in shower because you can maintain the same wall tiles throughout your entire bathroom. It’s easy to clean walk-in showers, and you can choose between modern, industrial, and traditional designs, ensuring your new shower fits your design aesthetic.


You don’t have to pay to remodel your bathroom to add plants to this space. You can add a free-form or tiered plant stand and fill the shelves with plants. Houseplants improve indoor air quality by extracting toxins and producing fresh oxygen. Before you schedule your plant delivery, research the best plants for bathrooms. Peace lilies, English ivy, orchids, and spider plants all reduce humidity levels, which can help prevent mold growth in your bathroom.

Windows and Lighting

Good lighting can prevent bathroom accidents, but many bathrooms receive little or no natural light. If your bathroom has a window, it’s a good idea to consider adding a larger window using privacy glass to protect your privacy while ensuring your bathroom receives ample light. Putting a window inside your shower can help control humidity levels, and adding a skylight is another option if you have limited wall space.

Install light fixtures beside your mirror to ensure you can see clearly. Add a powerful overhead light, but consider adding a dimmer so you can adjust the light levels if you’re relaxing in your bathtub.

Investing in bathroom renovations can transform your bathroom and increase your home’s value. Installing countertop basins, walk-in showers, windows, and lighting are effective ways to transform your bathroom. You can also improve your bathroom by adding houseplants.

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