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How To Change A Lawn Mower Spark Plug

How To Change A Lawn Mower Spark Plug

When your car or truck needs a new spark plug, you likely head to your local auto parts store. Maybe you use their VIN lookup tool to find the right part. Then, the process of switching out the spark plug is fairly simple. Of course, cars and trucks aren’t the only things with motors. What do you do when your lawn mower needs a new spark plug?

Finding the Right Plug

The good news is that replacing a lawn mower spark plug is easy. If you can replace one in your car or truck, you can do it for your lawn mower. Even if you take your vehicle to the mechanic, you can learn how to change a spark plug easily. The first step is to know that you need to replace it. If your lawn mower is hard to start, the engine stops unexpectedly or your have poor fuel efficiency, the problem may be the spark plug.

There are a few different types of spark plugs. To determine which is the right one for your mower, check the owner’s manual. If you can’t find your manual, check the existing spark plug. It should have the part number on the ceramic insulator. Once you have your new spark plug, it is time to change the plug. This should take less than an hour depending on your experience. Many people can do it in significantly less time.

Steps for Changing a Lawn Mower Spark Plug

The process is simple. Before you start, make sure your mower is on a flat, stable surface such as a garage floor. Grab a screwdriver, socket wrench with a spark plug socket, feeler gauge, cleaner, brush and a knife.

  1. Disconnect: Disconnect the spark plug lead (ignition cable). You may need to remove the engine cover first.
  2. Remove: Using your spark plug socket, turn the plug counterclockwise to loosen it. If it is resistant to turning, don’t force it. Instead, apply some lubricant, let it soak for a few minutes then try again. It should be easy to remove.
  3. Adjust Gap: Using the feeler gauge, adjust the gap on the spark plug. You can determine the right gap based on the original spark plug.
  4. Install: Place the plug in position and tighten it using your hand. After that, tighten it a little further with the spark plug socket. Rachet it until it stops going down, then add an extra quarter turn.
  5. Reconnect: Attach the spark plug lead back to the new plug. Then, replace the engine cover.

Once you are done, dispose of the used parts. You can throw spark plugs in the garbage if you want or take them to a scrap yard if they are still in working order.

Get Started

Now that you know how to change a spark plug in a lawn mower, it’s time to get started! The process is easy, and anyone can learn how to do it. You may be surprised by how much you can achieve by yourself with a few tools and a little learning.

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The Most Beautiful Modern Home in Florida

On a hot, humid and quiet street lies a hidden gem in Biscayne Bay, Florida. This modern home was designed by Strang Architecture in South Florida, and has won multiple awards including the AIA FLORIDA Excellence In Architecture in 2014.
If you love modern architecture then you will love a tour of this luxurious South Florida mansion.

1. The Modern Pool
The 25m long lap pool is the focal point of the residence, extending deep into the pool with the second floor elegantly cantilevered over.
pool concept glass dining room ideas luxuruious pool florida luxury dream home white stucco florida keystone palm trees landscaping pool ideas interior design houzz pinterest shop room ideas minimalism minimalist outdoor home .jpgBiscayne-Bay-Residence-15-850x1275

2. Minimalist Wooden Door for the Front Entrance
The front entrance of the home is extremely clean and simple with a touch of mystery. If you live in a hot climate, palm trees are a beautiful way to frame an entrance into a home as seen in this photo. I love the Southern-style wooden front door that ventilates fresh air if necessary.

modern florida luxury home beach home mansion white stacco tall brown entrance door shop room ideas southern landscaping minimalist houzz pinterest

wooden front door entrance ideas southern florida luxury dream home white stucco florida keystone palm interior design houzz pinterest shop room ideas minimalismnoutdoor homejpg

Kohl’s $270

Oval Basket $30

Wood Urn $134

Linen Chair $1346

Tassels $12

Candle Teak $45

Faux Leaf $5.95

Wood Planter $49

Eek Basket $156


3. Modern Luxury Blue and White Dining Room
The dining room is extremely modern and minimalist. It picks up the colors of Florida’s beautiful Pacific Coast with a dreamy blue and white color palette with a touch of chocolate. I found a similar table as this one at IKEA for only $199 if you want to recreate this dining room at home.

luxury home mansion minimalist modern decor design ideas tips hanging chandelier lights shop room ideas jpg

Blue Glass $2.95

Pendant Light $299

Etsy $360

Wine Glass $5.50

Wall Clock $50

Blue Addiction $500

Crystal Goblets $35

Wood Shapes $20

IKEA $249

5. White Minimalist Bathroom
Indulge in a relaxing oasis with a view of the water and palm trees from a modern and minimalist bathroom. Key for a modern bathroom like this one are wheat, white, and beige.

florida luxury home mansion expensive house minimalism minimalist modern decor design ideas tips diy bathroom ideas glass door tub bathtub glass wall windows shop room ideas houzz pinterest.jpg

Dresser $599

Candle $6.07

Soap Dish $19

Target $80

Towel Ring $45

Bath Rug $52

Table Clock $30

Bathroom Sink

Boutique Box $21

6. The All-New Florida-style Family Room
The family room is open, airy and filled with light thanks to the impact-resistant sliding glass doors installed into the home. A view of the internal courtyard can be seen from here, making the home a perfect heaven for relaxation. The modern purple chairs are a great focal point and add a pop of color to the family room. I also love the bamboo privacy screen (right) and the set of 6 photographs of winter trees next to the door on the left. A stunning contrast between warm and hot.modern living room purple chairs minimalism florida luxury dream home interior large windows light shop room ideas pinterest houzz all white decor ideas

Bubble Chair

Chair $1,010

Rocker $375

Jovanni Table

Vintage Globe Bulb

Plant in Pot $9.95

Counter Stool $480

Queen Bed $899

Lead Bowl $152

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