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Renovate Like a Pro! How To Save Money On Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Home renovation experts agree: a bathroom renovation can greatly increase the value of your home. Something as simple as a new vanity or a colourful tile backsplash can really change the aesthetic appeal of an otherwise dated bathroom, and give it new life. When doing advanced remodeling, consider these interior designer and building professional tips on how to save money, without sacrificing style.

DIY Is Your Friend
gold and white wallpaper bathroom with double vanity custom gold hardware for dresser knobs hot and cold water fixtures save money renovating marble sink modern eclectic style decor master bath

Style Me Pretty

Bathroom renovations don’t come cheap! According to Remodeling magazine, replacing all the fixtures, the tile, the vanity and the toilet — is now almost $19,000. Ofcourse, there are some jobs you simply can’t do yourself. If there is complicated plumbing work which requires a licensed professional, leave it to the pros. But, painting the bathroom, hanging a mirror, adding a new towel-rack, or doing other smaller projects, are things that you can easily do yourself! All it will cost is the price of the materials, you don’t have to pay for labour. If you would like to find some professional plumbers then there are loads of online sites which can help you find good plumbers in your area.

Don’t Settle And Shop around
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Always shop with a bathroom supplier for renovation and remodelling work. You are going to find more materials for flooring, more shower-heads to choose from, different mirrors and vanities, and other items you won’t find at a general wholesale store. Additionally, specialized shops are typically cheaper, so you won’t pay up-charges or fees for items. You’ll simply pay the base price for to get the most out of your bathroom renovation

Buy Your Own Supplies
how to save money bathroom rmeodel renovation green turquoise brown earth modern master bath bathroom honeycomb tiles

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In the event you do have to hire a plumber or tradesperson, buy the supplies yourself. Many specialists charge a fee to buy materials, instead of just charging for labour. So, you pay an additional cost, on top of the labour and hourly rate they charge for their services. Go out and buy the materials and supplies needed for the work yourself, so you can save on the overall cost of remodelling the bathroom.

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Your bathroom is a costly room to renovate in the home. There are, however, ways in which you can reduce those costs. These are simple tips, any homeowner can employ, if they want to save when the time comes for them to do any additional repair or renovation work, in one, or in all of the bathrooms in their home.

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5 Amazing Spring DIY Decor Ideas Under 100$! (Your Wallet Will Love You!)

Tired of feeling the winters blues? Designing and decorating your home for spring is one of the most exciting times of the year! We’re about to spill the beans with 5 amazing spring decor ideas for under 100$! Caution: not only will your wallet love you, but your home will look FABULOUS!

Frame A Poster As Artwork (Level: SO EASY YOU SHOULD CRY OF HAPPINESS!)

blue velvet chesterfield sofa couch red pillows madris spansih interior design style greek keys carpet coffee table glass modern eclectic black lamp poster artwork shop room ideas pinterest

Mi Casa

Framing a poster in your home can serve as a focal point for the space, and is much more affordable than real artwork! The best part? YOU can choose any picture you like, even if it’s a personal photograph! 

Sure, hanging a piece of artwork above your couch is how every classy homeowner designs their home. But hold up! What about framing a poster that is edgy, intriguing, and costs a fraction of the price of real artwork? This traditional apartment in Madrid proves you can combine traditional European design with modern elements! The colour combo of this living room is perfect: you’ve got the greek key carpet, a blue velvet sofa and red accent pillows, and the framed poster for a modern update!

Get The Scoop! Lavish and Modern Madrid Apartment 

framed poster model above fireplace tv all white french parisian apartment design decor artwork mantle custom white wash bedroom traditional shop room ideas pinterest

Visit your local print shop and print out a photo of your husband, boyfriend, or celebrity crush, and frame it in the bedroom!

This one’s for the ladies! (But it works for guy’s, too!). This chic Parisian apartment is home to a cozy marble fireplace with hand carved detailing, that is very european and traditional. But the homeowner has spiced it up with a sexy poster of a stunning male model! A print at your local print shop shouldn’t set you back more than $50, and there are plenty of cheap frames lying around at your local thrift store or Home Goods. There really is no better way to re-decorate for spring!

Wallpaper Your Closet! (Level: Intermediate)

how to wallpaper your closet gold and white ikea hacks closet cheap spring decor ideas decorate budget shop room ideas pinterest hang organize clothes celebrity


Say goodbye to those dirty, scuffed walls in your closet (admit it, we all have a closet like that in our house!). With Spring before us, you want to start off this happy and feel-good season right! An alternative to a floor closet renovation or makeover, which is pricey and time consuming, can include wallpapering the drawers or back walls of your closet. It’s a easy and a cheap way to transform your closet into a stylish, celebrity-worthy space!

Drawer lined with wallpaper gold pattern cheap decor ideas for spring how to decorate on a budget ikea hacks shop room ideas pinterest

Jess Lively

DIY Tip On Redesigning Your Closet or Dresser: Try lining your dresser drawers with wrapping paper! Much cheaper and you have endless style and pattern possibilities, which makes for a fun DIY project!

Turn A Vintage Find Into A Furnished Jewel (Level: Intermediate) 

pink and gold leaf accent chair diy inspiration decor feminine office ideas kiss pillow girly eclectic design shop room ideas decor

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#c42d80″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]Looking to decorate an empty corner in your hallway at home? A piano bench or footrest can serve as a decorative piece of furniture for any lonely corner! [/mks_pullquote] Alright, so we’ve all heard the term “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” before, and we’ve seen it online, so why not try it out?! Visit your local thrift shop or flea market, and you just might find that piece of furniture that costs 5$, but looks like $500 with a new coat of paint and fabric!

This French accent chair was painted with gold and upholstered with a bubble gum pink fabric! I can picture this at the base of my bed, in a hallway corner, or as a piano bench or footrest!

Get The Look: Fab Pink Furniture and Accent Pieces

Replace Old Lighting (Level: EASY)

butterfly artwork kitchen wicker table set chair los angeles 50s style home interior pink walls kitchenc handelier eating nook small shop room ideas circular glass table top


All that glitters doesn’t have to be the price of gold! 

Sometimes a chandelier hanging in your hallway or kitchen is all you need for an easy springtime home update! Tip from the pro’s: the secret to a beautiful home is having variety when it comes to lighting. Lighting fixtures don’t have to match, and a variety of lamps and bulbs will bring different glows to your room. P.S. Check out the wicker table and chairs set in this funky 50’s style kitchen! To die for!


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