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6 Issues In The Home That Should Be Checked Regularly

It’s natural for things to go wrong with your home from time to time. It’s not necessarily a sign that you haven’t been careful enough – this kind of stuff just happens.

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Although you can’t usually predict when some of these issues will occur, you can sometimes spot the sign of an impending accident. The best thing to do is to check problem areas regularly so you can identify any changes and deal with them whenever necessary. That way, you save yourself time, money, and effort by dealing with the situation before it’s too late. Not sure what the problem areas are in your house? These are the six places to focus your attention on the most.


Bad wiring in your home can be a problem for a number of reasons. For one, it can leave you without electricity at the drop of a hat. That’s not exactly ideal given how many things we typically use that require this power source. What’s more concerning, though, is the fact that it can also be a major health hazard. If something isn’t wired correctly, there’s a risk that it could spark and cause a fire or electrocute someone. Your home is supposed to be your safe space, so the last thing you want is to be put in danger by it. Be sure to check all visible wires to ensure that none of them are damaged. If a plug socket starts to spark, stop using it and call an electrician to check it out. Also, unless you’re a professional, never try to wire something yourself. Following these tips ought to help you avoid some of these common electrical hazards.

The Roof

Whenever there’s bad weather, your roof is the part of the house that suffers from it the most. That can become an issue over time, which is why it’s essential that you get it checked regularly. Depending on the age of your home and the materials your roof is made from, you may never have to worry about leaks upstairs. However, you or a professional should still look over it from time to time to see if anything needs fixing or replacing. A hole in your roof – even a small one – could lead to some costly damage if you’re not careful. Unless you want to deal with flooding or mould in your home, you and your money would be better off staying vigilant.


If something goes wrong with your plumbing, it can be disastrous. At best, you get a clogged drain that won’t allow water to pass through. At worst, your house gets flooded because a pipe has burst somewhere. Neither of these eventualities is ideal, but, for the most part, they can be identified before they become a problem.

A blocked drain, for instance, is possible to distinguish if you find that water takes longer to go down the plughole. Meanwhile, a leak in a pipe is an indicator that it could eventually rupture. While both issues can be resolved without professional assistance, it might still be worth calling on a plumbing service to deal with them for you.

Gillies Group is the specialist to turn to if you need a plumbing company in Perth. Able to fix a variety of issues, including leaking toilets, dripping taps, and the aforementioned issues, their reliable service could save you from thousands of dollars of damage. Plus, they use non-invasive methods as much as possible, meaning they keep any destruction firmly to a minimum.


Without insulation, houses become hard to live in when the temperature drops. You either have to spend tons of money heating things up, or risk freezing in your own home. Unfortunately, even if you have insulation, it still might not be good enough to get the job done. That’s why it’s worth getting a professional in to identify whether or not your insulation is efficient. If the answer’s no, then you could be spending far more on your energy bills than is necessary. This is particularly the case in warmer countries like Australia, where keeping cool is usually the main priority. The houses aren’t designed to help people when it’s cold, even though it can get close to freezing there in the winter, and so the inhabitants suffer. That can be changed, though, if you keep an eye on your insulation.


If you rely on heating to keep you warm in the winter, it probably helps if your system works the way it should. As with many other parts of your house, damage can happen over time which can stop your heating from running properly and potentially pose a danger. It depends on what system you have in place as to how you should go about checking for issues. You may need to inspect vents for holes and blockages, bleed radiators, or see if exterior pipes have frozen in the cold. If your system is quite old, it may also be worth updating it for a modern one that’s more energy-efficient and cost-effective. A professional will be able to help you with all this stuff so that you can rest easy knowing that your heating works just fine.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are installed in houses to ensure that everyone inside knows if there’s a fire. Without them, you put your life at risk every time that you go to sleep. Of course, simply having one in your home isn’t enough to alert you to danger. The detector needs to actually work for it to be effective, which is why it’s advised that you check it regularly. If it runs on batteries, you’ll need to change them every time they’ve run out. Alternatively, the detector could be faulty and simply stop working of its own accord.

Whatever the reason, the only way you can be sure that it’s functioning properly is if you test it out every so often. Given that fires can spread within five minutes in modern homes, the need for an effective smoke alarm is essential.

It’s important to look after your home just as much as you look after yourself. Faults or damage can lead to costly or life-threatening issues, so it’s essential that you try to deal with them before it’s too late. Hopefully, if you keep an eye on the areas that we’ve suggested, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Why You Should Keep Your Garage Organized

A lot of people don’t store their cars in their garage. The biggest reason is that they don’t have room. Poor organization and excessive clutter often deprive people of putting their garage to its intended use. As a result, cars sit outside and remain continuously exposed to the elements. Leaving a vehicle in the driveway all of the time can cause sun fading, accelerated rusting, and even hail damage. Organizing your garage enables you to keep your car inside and help preserve its condition. You can also get extra room for storage and make space to tinker on your vehicle.

5 Quick Tips for Garage Organization

Once you get your garage organized, it’s easier to keep it that way. Here are some pointers:

1. Be prepared to let go of things that you don’t need. It’s easy to let junk build up in your garage. When something is out of sight and out of mind, you don’t have to think about whether you really need it. However, if you haven’t used something in a long time and don’t plan to anytime soon, you should make a plan to donate it or simply throw it away.

2. Equip your garage with functional gear. Getting compact versions of the things that you need for your car frees up space and helps you stay organized. For example, a low profile billet aluminum jack with a sleek build fits neatly into almost any storage area.

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3. Maximize storage space on your walls by adding shelving, pegboards, or hooks. Storing things on the wall prevents piles of clutter from building up on the floor and makes it easy to see everything when you want to find something.

4. Don’t use storage containers that are larger than necessary. Containers that are too large waste space and can lead to disorganization.

5. Be sure that you’re storing things safely and sensibly. Don’t keep propane tanks in your garage; leave them outside. Also, don’t store reserves of pet food in the garage because they can attract unwelcome animals or pests.

Quick Upgrades To Stylize Your Garage

Turn your garage into a space that you like being in. Celebrate your love of all things automotive with eye-catching accents. Old gas station signs add vintage character. Illuminated or neon signs are another good way to show off some style.

Consider keeping your most frequently used tools on a rolling cart that you can use like a mobile workbench. Group your items with some methodology. Keeping the same type of items in one place makes it easier to locate items than sorting through a mishmash. Having high-quality gear in an orderly and well-designed space can inspire you to take on projects more often and show your car the love it deserves.

Your garage has a lot of potential. Instead of using it like a junk depository, make it a neatly put together area where you can easily find what you need and have space to work, as well as keep your car out of the elements.

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