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Easy and Fun Spring Cleaning Ideas for Mom and Kids

Are you having the most challenging time getting your children to help clean? They probably don’t like it for the same reasons you may not like it. It’s boring. But someone has to do it, right? You may make it more enjoyable by listening to your favorite music or your favorite podcast as you clean. So why don’t you try to incorporate some fun tactics to help your children have fun while cleaning? This will certainly take the stress off you, especially if you have to clean quickly to get your house ready to sell fast this spring. Check out these cool, interactive ways to get your children involved with spring cleaning. 

Incorporate Singing and Dancing

Remember the “Baby Shark” craze. Its popularity may have dwindled in recent years, but it still is one of the most popular songs on Youtube, having reached 10 billion views! There’s no time like the present to bring it back, at least while you clean with your children. Something about singing and dancing goes quite well with cleaning your home. As an adult, you may know this from rocking out to some of your favorite oldies while you clean. If you want to get your young children or your teens involved in cleaning up, try to play some of their favorite music. It will help make the cleaning process easy and fun. 

Make a Game

There is something about games that make things more entertaining. So why not turn your spring cleaning into a game for your children. For smaller children, games that allow them to put their number and alphabet skills to good use will be pretty fun. However, for older children, you may have to think of out-of-the-box ways to get them to join in on the fun. For example, cash, snacks, television time, or an extra hour past curfew are incentives that seem always to do the trick with older children. Therefore, encouraging them to get tasks done within a specific time frame for the incentive could give them the motivation to help clean. 

Help Them Learn While Cleaning

While this may not be as popular with older children, younger children will undoubtedly love the challenge of learning while they clean. For example, if you have things that need organizing, challenge them to alphabetize the items. Or, if you need to sort clothes, encourage them to sort the clothing by color. If you need to get rid of old items in the pantry, challenge them to look at the dates and determine if the items are still good. 

Reward Great Work

While you don’t want to get into the habit of paying your children to get things done, when you are doing a major cleaning project, rewards can help. This is especially critical if you plan to sell your home and move into a new house soon. Develop a system of rewards that will help them work quickly toward their cleaning goals. These rewards can include movie night, a favorite treat, or a new toy. To encourage their help with ongoing cleaning activities, you may want to develop a point system. Once they reach a certain amount of points, they can have their prize. 

Cleaning isn’t the most fun task for anyone, whether they are adults or children. But you can always bring in the fun to make the time go by faster and get plenty of work done. 

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Stamped Concrete vs. Colored Concrete

Many options are available to you if you decide to change the home into a place where you and your loved ones may congregate to create lasting memories. What’s better for your home:  stamped concrete or colored concrete? Many factors must consider while making your final decisions because they will etch in stone.

What is Stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete has evolved from the drab slabs found outside first-floor doorways to various colorful designs. As a result of its incredible strength, concrete can withstand even the worst conditions. However, homeowners may or may not enjoy the look of plain poured concrete in their landscape design.

Creating the appearance of stone, wood, or brick can be done with stamped concrete. You can make a pattern by pouring concrete into a mold of any design.

It’s entirely done on-site with stamped concrete. You can create the required pattern; The wet concrete gets raised against the molds to force them into place. You can achieve a tiled or cobblestoned look by using molds in which the material pour.


If you want to keep your home’s upkeep to a minimum, use stamped concrete for your patio. Aside from being pricey, stamped concrete requires a new sealant every two years. The color of your patio can last longer if you reseal it to prevent chipping and cracking. In addition to resealing, all that is needed is a simple sweep to maintain it clean and clear of debris.


Stamped concrete is a fantastic choice for a patio floor because it costs less than other options. The final price is lower because it doesn’t require much labor as natural stone or pavers. Compared to other patio surface materials, concrete is also more cost-effective.

Patterns and Colors in a Variety of Designs

Concrete can be customized in a variety of ways when poured on-site. You can match your home’s façade, pool, existing concrete, or anything else with the color of the concrete. Make your new patio a part of your landscape design from the beginning by incorporating it into the overall design. Your design options are nearly endless with concrete stamping.


If you’re searching for something that’s both beautiful and sturdy, stamped concrete is a terrific option. Because of the application of color hardeners, which form protective layers, stamped concrete has a denser surface than regular concrete. Stamped concrete has a much longer lifespan as a result of this.

What is Colored Concrete?

Colored concrete is, in fact, a type of cement. On the contrary, it may imbue this attractive concrete form with various looks and designs that can give visual interest to just about every project. Colored concrete can be used inside and outside your home and comes in multiple colors, textures, and patterns. You might get creative with your home renovations by using colored concrete installed by a team of concrete design experts.

Colored concrete can’t lose its luster over time. Concrete contractors can choose from various choices, including integral colors, customized stamps, and integral and shake-on color solutions, to enhance their flatwork. Stone, wood, and other materials can be imitated with concrete stamping while delivering extended longevity and durability with minimal to no maintenance over time.

Integration of colorant into ready-mix concrete ensures a consistent color throughout the project. When applied to freshly poured concrete, Shake-On Color Hardeners brighten the surface without sacrificing durability. Restraint of Releasing Applying paint to newly colored concrete flatwork prevents the concrete from adhering during installation.


Colored concrete varnishes produce a durable and low-maintenance surface. The upkeep of driveways, paths, patios, and swimming pool decks is minimal. You can prevent dust and grime buildup by regularly mopping the surface, and stains don’t penetrate and clean with a cloth—other organisms like mold and bacteria getaway.

Additionally, since no weeds or grass are intruding, huge areas like driveways don’t require backbreaking weeding, and the artificial stones won’t shift or produce an uneven surface.

Photos By: Pexels


According to one internet source, simple pattern paver construction is initially 30% more expensive than a stamped concrete patio of the same size. Complicated patterns, the look of actual stone, natural colors, and unique design may help all gain colored concrete for a fraction of the price of pavers.

 Suppose you’d like to replace the existing patio or driveway. In that case, colored concrete overlays eliminate the need to tear down the old slab, speed up installation, clean up the mess, and save money. The low-maintenance requirements of ornamental concrete and its stone durability will save you money and time year after year.

No limits to patterns and designs

Pavers are incredibly well-liked because of the variety of styles you may achieve with them. However, the more sophisticated the design, the longer it will take to install and the more it will cost. Natural stone, in particular, has a limited palette of colors.

Concrete stains provide a world of possibilities for bespoke hues, so you may achieve whatever look you like with colored concrete. This flagstone driveway features a stamped cobblestone entrance border along with custom concrete stamps and stencils, allowing us to create detailed motifs and patterns in the material.

Not only may you choose from a wide variety of colors, but colored concrete is dyed so that every batch is the same color, ensuring that your design and the concrete you use will be consistent and attractive in their appearance and functionality.

No matter where the colored concrete is used (indoor or outside), the material’s weather and fade-resistant properties ensure that the colors won’t fade or wash out. You don’t need to get stressed about repainting your surfaces because colored concrete is permanent. That saves you time and money!


Concrete is a long-lasting, low-maintenance material that will serve you well for many years to come. For example, if you’re looking for a long-term and cost-effective solution for your floors, surfaces, or other objects that add a dash of color, you should consider colored concrete. Colored concrete driveways are conceivable due to the long-lasting nature of this media.For the best Stamped Concrete El Paso has be sure to visit this site!

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What Makes a Good Painting Contractor in Oahu Hawaii

Thinking about having your home painted! Keep reading!

If you are living your life in paradise in Hawaii and thinking about painting your home yourself, think again! Painting your home might seem like an easy task, but if you have a large home it can be an endless, labor intensive, and also dangerous job. Sometimes it’s best to call in the professionals to save your health and also save time. A good painting contractor isn’t easy to find so we’ve put together a list of things that make a good painting contractor worth calling!

Check the Quality of Work

A good painting contractor should have at least a few years of experience. Ask to check the quality of their work by looking at home’s they have already painted. Exterior painting is not an easy task, so check out homes they have already painted and ask how many years the paint has been holding up. A good paint job can last for many years, but a bad one can easily be peeling after the next winter. A good quality painter will provide a seamless finish to interiors and exteriors that will leave a lasting impression to guest and neighbors.

Photos By: Unsplash

Be Specific with Your Project

If you have specific painting needs in your home, make sure to let your painting contractor know before hiring. For example, if you have textured walls, decorative work, murals, or columns in and around your home it is important that whoever you are hiring has experience with this type of work. Not every company will know how to paint over plaster walls, or retouch antique columns. If you are having trouble finding a suitable painting contractor that knows about this type of work, consider visiting

Advice Choosing Colors

Sometimes it is best to seek advice from professionals when it comes to choosing the right paint color for your home. An experienced painting contractor will have the right color palette to attain the proper environment in your space. If you are repainting your home office, living room, dining room, or even home gym, a painting contractor will know what color would suit your space. If you are trying to choose a new color for the exterior of your home, a professional can help guide you to make the right decision.

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