Types of Home Security Systems That Can Boost Its Resale Value

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Home security systems today are all about the latest technology. Gone are the days when your home was protected only by a lock and key, leaving it vulnerable. Now you can choose from a plethora of systems designed to make your home as secure as you want it to be.

There are quite a few tech-based home security systems out there, and having one for your home will also increase its value considerably. It is a great way to impress your buyers. Here are some types of home security systems you can consider.

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1. Fully Monitored Systems

These systems had undergone several upgrades in the recent past and continue to be as effective as when introduced. They consist of a base unit system that covers the inlets like doors, windows, and other entry points. The new systems also include CCTV cameras mounted at critical points around the property.

A homeowner can switch on the Security alarm system when they leave the premises, and if an intruder tries to break-in, the alarm will detect them and go off. This can be enough to stall any intruder from going deeper into the premises and doing further damage. In addition, many security companies provide alarms that immediately notifies the company of the intrusion event. They will then get in touch with the local law enforcement, who will arrive at the shortest possible time. The alarm going off alone is enough to 

2. Unmonitored Systems

This is ideal for those who are not far away from the premises and can arrive quickly when the alarm goes off. It is similar to the monitored systems and checks all doors and windows. However, instead of notifying the security company, they will send the alarm directly to the homeowner, contacting local law enforcement after that. This is a good option if your home is at low risk due to proximity to police stations or if you do not want to spend a fixed amount on security providers each month.

3. Private Cameras

Private cameras are a great way to monitor what is going on inside the house. They also come with motion sensors, reducing the blind spots inside a room. No matter where the intruder is, the camera will respond to their movement. The cameras are fitted at key points, and they also come with backup systems where they can store the recorded data for future references. It is convenient if there is a break-in and the cops need to see the footage for investigation.

4. Wireless Alarm Systems

These security systems come without wires and work on motion detection, with sensors placed around the premises. The control panel has built-in radio transmitters, and it sounds like an alarm as soon as the sensors pick up movement. You have to switch off your alarm while entering and switch it on while leaving the house.

You can have the alarm sent to you over your smartphone or integrate it with your other devices like thermostats or even motion detection lights. You may opt for wired options too, which are less expensive. However, they become ineffective if the intruders manage to cut the wires beforehand.

With these types of home security systems, you do not have to worry about your home’s safety anymore while you are away. Now you can enjoy your vacation with complete peace of mind.

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