What’s Hot in Design for 2021? Here are 5 Popular Decorating Trends you’ll Love

Written by Josie

At Shop Room Ideas we love scouring the web for the hottest in design. We’ve put together a list of our five favorite trends!

Summer of 2021 is all about new beginnings and as we slowly put the pandemic behind us it’s time to a revamp our homes for a new start. One thing is for sure that we might be spending more time at home than we think. It’s time to rethink your living space if you’re now working from home or studying from home. We need to make our places comfortable, cozy, and inviting. Check out these five popular decorating trends that will make you actually want to be at home even more!

Decorate with Things you Love!

Become a maximalist which is the opposite of a minimalist, and decorate with things that you truly love regardless of what’s in style because now creating your own unique space is what’s trending! Mix and match your favorite patterns, colors, and textures to create a space that you truly love and enjoy spending time in. Then, put some of your favorite things on display like family photographs and your favorite flea market finds to really add a creative, unique touch to your home!

Transport Yourself to a Warmer Climate

If you haven’t noticed but tropical prints have been all the rage in the last year. It’s easy to transport your home to a warmer climate by decorating with beautiful banana leaf wallpaper, tropical pattern curtain fabrics, pillow throws, and even tropical themed art prints. Decorating with these jungle inspired prints will make your home cheerful and transform it into your own personal retreat! Choose big colors and the right accents to pair with your tropical décor. Think beautiful oversized lamps, a sisal rug, a stunning large mirror and some rattan furniture is sure to make your space look complete!

Choose Neutral, Earthy Tones

If you are thinking about choosing a more minimalistic approach to your décor this summer, you can always choose to decorate with neutral, earthy tones. This earthy color palette is packed with rust, warm greens, deep reds, and muted browns. It’s an easy way to make your home look not only bigger, but also fresh and airy for a long hot summer to come.

Bring the Outdoors in with Plants

There is no question that plants make interior design come to life! Even if you don’t have a green thumb decorating with indoor plants has never been easier. Some popular and easy to care for plants are pothos, yucca, aloe, Christmas cactus, snake plant, and the schefflera because they are very easy-to-care for plants and they also look beautiful and exotic!

Make Your Home Cozy with Texture

To make your home feel homey and cozy, warm it up by decorating with texture. The last time I visited Zara Home I stumbled across some plush, almost fur-like upholstered arm chairs that I instantly fell in love with! Incorporate textures in your design if it’s through furniture, throw pillows, faux fur rugs, you name it! You will be amazed at how a little touch of faux fur can instantly warm up a space!

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