Why You Should Keep Your Garage Organized

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A lot of people don’t store their cars in their garage. The biggest reason is that they don’t have room. Poor organization and excessive clutter often deprive people of putting their garage to its intended use. As a result, cars sit outside and remain continuously exposed to the elements. Leaving a vehicle in the driveway all of the time can cause sun fading, accelerated rusting, and even hail damage. Organizing your garage enables you to keep your car inside and help preserve its condition. You can also get extra room for storage and make space to tinker on your vehicle.

5 Quick Tips for Garage Organization

Once you get your garage organized, it’s easier to keep it that way. Here are some pointers:

1. Be prepared to let go of things that you don’t need. It’s easy to let junk build up in your garage. When something is out of sight and out of mind, you don’t have to think about whether you really need it. However, if you haven’t used something in a long time and don’t plan to anytime soon, you should make a plan to donate it or simply throw it away.

2. Equip your garage with functional gear. Hiring garage door services to install an automated garage door can save you a lot of time and back pain. Also getting compact versions of the things that you need for your car frees up space and helps you stay organized. For example, a low profile billet aluminum jack with a sleek build fits neatly into almost any storage area.

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3. Maximize storage space on your walls by adding shelving, pegboards, or hooks. Storing things on the wall prevents piles of clutter from building up on the floor and makes it easy to see everything when you want to find something.

4. Don’t use storage containers that are larger than necessary. Containers that are too large waste space and can lead to disorganization.

5. Be sure that you’re storing things safely and sensibly. Don’t keep propane tanks in your garage; leave them outside. Also, don’t store reserves of pet food in the garage because they can attract unwelcome animals or pests. You may also want to find out which is the best auto hail damage repair in town so that you can have a quick contact in case your garage experiences weather damage.

Quick Upgrades To Stylize Your Garage

Turn your garage into a space that you like being in. Celebrate your love of all things automotive with eye-catching accents. Old gas station signs add vintage character. Illuminated or neon signs are another good way to show off some style.

Consider keeping your most frequently used tools on a rolling cart that you can use like a mobile workbench. Group your items with some methodology. Keeping the same type of items in one place makes it easier to locate items than sorting through a mishmash. Having high-quality gear in an orderly and well-designed space can inspire you to take on projects more often and show your car the love it deserves.

Your garage has a lot of potential. Instead of using it like a junk depository, make it a neatly put together area where you can easily find what you need and have space to work, as well as keep your car out of the elements.

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