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5 Ways To Decorate A Narrow Hallway

Hallways are just as important as any room in the house!
They guide us from room to room and allow decorating styles to flow and transition within our homes. Sadly, hallways are sometimes forgotten by homeowners and can become dark spaces that can be frustrating to decorate to the inexperienced.

We show you 5 effortless ways to decorate a narrow hallway the right way – to make it warm and inviting to you and your guests.

1. Create Contrast From The Inside-Out


Style At Home

They say black and white is the classiest color combo, so take a tip and apply it to the colors of your front door and hallway. If you paint your front door a dark and dramatic colour and your entryway a bright white, you give the illusion of a bigger home.

Welcome Home! Shop This Eclectic Entryway


Vogue Living

The front door of your house should be a bold statement to what awaits inside. I love a black lacquer painted door –  it’s stylish and works for anyone.

Get THE Look! Romantic and Mysterious Victorian Entryway

2. Choose a Long Hallway Rug


Vogue Living

Add visual interest with a hallway rug or runner to make your home more inviting. Hallway runners are a great alternative if you don’t have the space for a decorative stool or dresser. What do the experts recommend? Pick a rug that has a pattern in a light color, to avoid drawing the eyes downward.


Jamie Herzlinger

Two in One! A hallway rug protects your hardwood floor from the wear and tear of daily traffic.


3. Add a Mirror At the End of The hallway


Architectural Digest

Most of us place mirrors in our homes next to the front door, which is great if you need to check yourself out before you leave the house. BUT have you ever considered placing a mirror at the end of your hallway? We’ve all heard this trick before – mirrors reflect light and make your space look bigger. Light from your front door and windows reflect  into the mirror, making your hallway appear brighter.


Joe Dunn

Avoid the dreaded “dead-end hallway” by placing a mirror at the end of the hall. 

You can also paint your walls and ceiling the same colour as seen in this gorgeous turquoise beach hideaway! This idea only works for light colors that won’t close your walls in on you.

4. Lighten Up Dark Corners



Experts recommend installing at least 2 or 3 mini chandeliers or light fixtures that will guide you down your hall and breathe light into a narrow hallway. Use lighting to your advantage, otherwise dark corners may give the appearance of a narrow hallway. Which type of lighting should you choose? Glass or clear chandeliers will make your ceiling appear higher and won’t weigh it down.|

Make sure the lighting is hung high so it doesn’t weigh down your ceiling.

Chandeliers are an unexpected choice for narrow spaces, but if you’re dealing with a narrow entryway then go for it!


Deborah Vos


Lisette Voute Designs

When you greet your guests a dazzling chandelier will also bring focus to a beautiful staircase. 


5. Wallpaper the walls


A Beautiful Mess

The right wallpaper can definitely give the illusion that a hallway is much wider than it really is. Choose a wallpaper that has a simple print on a white background, such as soft polka dots or a textured pattern. This draws the eye away from the narrow space.

Pick These Wallpapers To Make Your Hallway Look BIGGER!

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10 Gorgeous Nude and Blush Pink Living Spaces

Pink and nude are some of the easiest colour palettes you can use to decorate your home with.  Not only do these colours make you feel relaxed and at ease, they are currently a major pick amongst homeowners accross the globe. worldwide. Whether you’re looking to decorate your bedroom, living room, or home in nude or blush pink, check out these 10 decorating inspirations that work for any space!

The Nude and Blush Victorian Home

tuxedo sofa cushion couch pale nude pink blush sofa coffee table mohair victorian shabby chic dining room shop room ideas equestrian style pinterest

Ana Interiors

This Victorian family room combines soft white and pink colours to create a gentle and relaxing atmosphere. Design tip: the space was brought to life with a grandfather clock placed in the corner, which is a cute way to design an empty corner in your home! I love this room because the tufted love seat adds a hint of Victorian interior style that is feminine, yet modern.

How To Get This Look: Choose a pale pink paint or fabric that has a peachy undertone to it. The peach brings out warmth in the space and is easy to style with browns, greys and winter whites.           

  Pink Victorian Home Essentials

Parisian Apartment Inspiration


Beverly Brown

Beverly Brown

Say “Bonjour!” to this lovely mauve and pink Parisian Apartment. When choosing fabrics in pale and blush pinks, don’t shy away from durable upholstery such as linen or woven knits. They are easily dressed up with soft pillows in mohair or velvet. I love this home’s white-washed barn style floors! A light hardwood floor will make your pink decor and furniture more vivid to the eye.

Get The Look! Lovely Parisian Apartment

The Perfect Pink and Blush Paint Colours

blush pink home palette color inspiration paint girly bedroom nurasy ideas modern feminine family room hallway entrance

The names of the paint colours are featured in this photo, along with a description on how to decorate with them in your home.

The Mauve Pink Bathroom You Never Knew You Wanted!

Mauve neutral pink berry pale blush pink bathroom claw bathtub victorian decor style design inspiration walk in chandelier closet shop room ideas

Style At Home

Designing your bathroom with a pink colour scheme can pose a headache or challenge to any inexperienced designer or homeowner – even me! But let’s get one thing straight – it’s all in the details! Mauve pink is a neutral that is warm yet subtle. This Victorian bathroom shows us that if you use these colours in your curtains or towels, it’s enough to make a difference. This bathroom paired grey wall paint and chevron tiles with mauve accents.

Incorporate Blue or Teal Accents With Nudes

gold palm tree decor faux plant teal lamb fur carpet stool pink blush nude pastel couch sofa walls family room moden design gold square coffee table feminine girly decor inspiration

Recurso Decorativo

I’m not sure if the palm tree is real (if anyone knows of a gold palm tree species, let me know!) but this gold palm tree is bomb and is more stylish than a real one. What really caught my eye about this apartment is the way the owner accessorized with blue and teal colours. The sheepskin stool was dyed with a blue fabric dye that you can buy online on Ebay. If you happen to have some old sheepskin lying around your house, try dying it a cool colour to create a fancy accessory.

Mother Nature – The Mother of Home Colour Inspiration

shop room ideas nude and blush living spaces home family room bedroom girly pinterest inspiration design ideas gorgeous house

Sometimes the best and most stunning colour inspiration comes from nature itself! Flower arrangements offer a rainbow of colourful shades that we can use for inspiration in our homes! This soft pink bouquet is delicious, and cheery – so take a hint from mother nature when decorating your own home!

Design With Metallic Fabrics!

metallic copper pink nude blush bedroom modern leather white headboard bedroom purple nightstands luxury color inspiration shop room ideas

My Domaine

Not really feeling soft and blush pink nudes colours? There is always the metallic option! Metallic fabrics are for the more modern and sophisticated at heart. To really incorporate this home style trend into your life, you can choose a metallic throw in the bedroom or an accent ottoman that is not too colour offensive. Metallic furniture and fabrics add warmth to a cool coloured home, and can be moved around the home easily to match other styles.

Upgrade With Neon Lighting

pastel home colour design inspiration pink feminine couch settee loveseat turquoise circular white coffee table ottoman shop room ideas how to decorate

Sarah Dorio

First started by Kourtney Kardashian, neon lighting gives a modern style boost and will accentuate your beloved pink designed space. Check out your local hardware store or E-Bay for custom Neon Signs that you can order right to your doorstep!

The Pink Entrance Door

soft pink blush nude fron door house entrance ideas interior design shop room ideas black white tile floor checker diamond pattern

As homeowners, we want our guests to feel welcome when they come visit our own personal sanctuaries.  Although not traditional, painting the front door of your home in a soft pink brings kind and relaxing vibes to your visitors. I mean, who wouldn’t want to open this cute door to see what’s inside?

metallic pink blush curtains home entrance front door ideas soft pink shop room ideas

Photo by: N. Amy Sall

Another feminine entryway idea: metallic pink is a stunning option for a front door colour, which can be paired with soft purple and violets. This mysterious homeowner hung a metallic pink curtain in their entryway during the hot summer months. Completely a blissfully beautiful.

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