Amazing Creative Ways to Use Laminate Flooring on Walls

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” Thanks to technology, laminate products have been upgraded and come in endless choices in vivid designs and fabulous prints. Not only is it a wise flooring option if you’re on a budget, it can be used on the wall and on furniture, too! Check out these 5 creative ways you can incorporate some stunning laminate on your walls at home. “

Replicate the look of exposed brick

Exposed brick can be pricey and messy to install, and if you’re not an expert crafstman, a project like this can turn into a hot mess really quickly. Skip the hassle and buy yourself a roll of laminate flooring that looks like the real thing. Laminate is super easy to peel and stick on the wall, and it’s very easy to take down when you feel like changing up the room.


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Use it as a kitchen backsplash

Forget a huge kitchen remodel and skip the headache. Refresh your kitchen within only a couple of hours by using laminate as a backsplash. Laminate can be found in trendy patterns and designs that replicate the look of real tiles, wood, or stone. Thanks to high-definition printing and textural innovation, laminate can look extremely realistic.

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Old Sea Grove Homes

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Old Sea Grove Homes

Remodel your kitchen island

If you’re kitchen island is dirty, damaged, and desperate for a makeover, consider covering it in laminate tiles for quick fixer-upper solution. These homeowners decided to update their island peninsula with some laminate tiles for a country inspired feel. Not only does it look like weather and washed hardwood, but a project like this is super easy recreate at home.

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Blesser House

Substitute for bathroom tiles

If 2018 were a shape, it would be hexagon. Also known as “honeycomb” tiles, this trend appeared on the scene last year and is more popular than ever. The drawback? These honeycomb tiles can be expensive, especially if they’re made of marble. But don’t worry, our prayers from the design Gods has been answered! Laminate products mimicking honeycomb shaped tiles are here. You can buy it as a roll, and install it in your bathroom. The best part? Laminate that replicates tile is so detailed that it’s hard to spot the difference!

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