Selling Your Home? 5 Tips To Make Your House Look Amazing In Photos

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Attracting the right home buyer is easier and faster when you have great photos that will have buyers drooling and running to your doorstep! Improve your home’s chance of a sale with these 5 tips to consider before you start staging your pre-sale photoshoot.

Take Down The Curtains

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Trust me when I say this – we sold our last home $150,000 over asking price using this trick. We staged our home by actually removing the curtains completely out of our home. Why? It opens up the space to make it look wider, and the ceilings look much higher than they are. Not only that, it accentuates beautiful windows and invites natural light inside. If you have a beautiful yard, pool, or great views, then this trick will work for you. Buyers will have a great view of the outdoors from the moment they enter through the front door. Trust me, this works!

Research The Quality of An Agent’s Listings

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Before you get on board with a real estate agent, make sure you thoroughly research the quality of their previosu listings. Have a look at the photos they have listed of any homes they sold. If the photos look good, don’t be afraid to ask the agent these questions:

  • Do you have a professional photographer to take photos of my home?
  • Will the agent bring in additional lighting for the photoshoot?
  • What equipment do you use? A cell phone, professional camera, a tablet?

Clean Windows and Baseboards


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Making your windows shiny and clean with give buyers a great impression that your home is was well cared for. Use a store-bought glass cleaner and paper towel to get down and dirty from the inside and outside as well. To remove tough grime, soap scum, or hard water minerals from your glass, use a vinger and water solution with a wet towel for best results.

Pro tip: Pay attention to your baseboards! Buyer will notice dirty, unkept baseboards while they walk through your home. Make sure you vacuum up the dust, and wipe them down with a damp, sponge or cloth to remove dirt. Make sure they’re looking bright, white, and clean to give the illusion your home is well kept.

The Obvious – Remove Clutter and Toiletries

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This is the simple trick of all professionals. Buyer’s want to envision themselves living in your home, so remove traces of any personal items, clutter, trinkets, and family photos off kitchen counters and shelves. Self storage is a great, affordable solution to keeping your stuff organized without crowding your house. You can store it away in boxes until the house is sold, later on. Buyers love seeing the amount of space a home has to offer, so removing clutter will show off the maximum your property has to propose.

Shine Up Those Wooden Floors

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If your home boasts hardwood floors, you already have an advantage in the market as this is a really strong selling point. Make sure you dust them off and use a floor cleaner that is safe for hardwood. Double check to make sure the cleaner will leave the floors shiny. Buyers are attarcted to shiny floors that look new and strongly maintained.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to buff your floors with a microfibre cloth while they’re drying. Failing to buff floors dry can result in streaks and unsighlty residue marks. Some home owners even swear by dry diapers to buff their floors to the perfect shine!

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