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Swedish Christmas House Tour – Turn of the Century Stockholm Villa

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#6b6b6b” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Once upon a time…Built in 1909, this turn of the century villa is a masterpiece featuring a welcoming and modern interior in stunning Swedish style.[/mks_pullquote]

The Exterior – Swedish Design and 3-Style Facade

This stunning Swedish villa resides on Lidingö, an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago. Go beyond the walls and take a tour of this beautifully designed Swedish gem.

Built in 1909, this Scandinavian Christmas hideaway was designed in Swedish Art Nouveau and National Romanticism more than 100 years ago. The garden is lit with floodlights and lanterns which create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. This unconventional villa has 4 floors and a 3-style facade. The bottom exterior of the home is covered in stone, while the top features wooden panelling. The homeowners chose plaster for the middle for a modern twist.


Comfort Home

Eat Like a King – The Scandinavian Dining Room

The dining room was created on a budget with beautiful IKEA chairs that have removable cream seat covers. The kitchen island is crafted from glass with a solid oak counter top, perfect for smaller spaces! The ceiling lighting is “Credo 111” by Delight, and is operated by remote control throughout the home.


Comfort Home

Get THE look! Swedish Christmas Dining Room

Minimalist Glass Kitchen

The timeless harringbone parquet is original throughout the home and was re-stained to a dark molasses color. What is so great about the travertine tiles in the kitchen is they have underfloor heating for added warmth and comfort. The homeowners chose a stainless steel countertop to keep true to the modern re-design of the house. A green-tinted glass backsplash was chosen insted of traditional tile in the kitchen.


Comfort Home

Christmas is near! Simplistic evergreen branches and trees, pinecones, and wooden pots are what characterize this home’s Scandinavian  interior design. Modern white candles in different sizes by the fireplace are also a perfect compliment to any Scandinavian decorista.

Here, the owners show off their homemade mulled wine, mixed with cranberries and cinnamon sticks. The Swedish and Scandinavian lifestyle is all about minimalism and natural materials or elements.


Comfort Home

The 100-year old Fireplace 

Although this stunning home is over 100 years old, the homeowners believed in keeping as many original elements during the renovation process. Here, the original fireplace stove is covered in plaster for a minimalist design. Woven baskets are stacked nearby as an omen to Scandinavian basketweaving tradition.


Comfort Home

Get THE Look! Cozy Scandinavian Living Room

Living Room 

The roman blinds are white linen and homemade by the owners. Beige and gray are the earth tones chosen for the comfortable living room, with a Jasper Walden sketch hung on the right wall.

IKEA hack alert: The two carpets here were bought at IKEA and sewn together.


Comfort Home

Balance is key! Swedish style celebrates beautiful simplicity and functionality as seen in the corner of this living room.

A flower pot is placed in the middle with a pop of red color to serve as a focal point. Candles and decor balance the act on both sides. What makes this home so lovely is how casual the decorating and design is. Left: a picture frame leans gently on the wall for modern, relaxed flair.


Comfort Home

The Bedroom – Scandinavian Inspiration

Mixing and matching natural textures and patterns are what makes Swedish style unique. Here, the bedroom sticks with the color scheme of the home. Natural woven carpets, gray walls and linen drapes are a must. If you want to achieve the Swedish look, keep your design unfussy and straightforward. Remove clutter and organize using baskets and drawers. Bedding is by Canada Goose Home.

Hang pictures in multiples as seen here to create high impact when designing a blank wall.


Comfort Home

Get THE Look: Swedish Christmas Villa  Bedroom

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Home Tour: A Sexy Redesigned Georgian Style Mansion

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#0774c6″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]Nothing screams Georgian home more than spacious rooms, luxury, and tradition – it’s my all-time favourite architectural style! [/mks_pullquote]So when I came across this beautifully redesigned Georgian Mansion in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, I fell in love with it’s modern twist. Georgian homes are known for their “family” and “homey” feels, symmetry, and multi-pane windows. All are classic designs that never become outdated! However homeowners Tim and Kate decided to take it to another level – explore this 21st Century colonial home for an old-meets-new design journey!

The Georgian Colonial Home Tour Starts Now…

french floor tile light beige entrance arched doors doorway white inspiration shop room ideas

Cool entrance idea! This entrance features a rustic console table made of solid wood that features a leaning piece of artwork. Simple yet classy! If you love to collect artwork, this is a cute idea because you can change your featured artwork on a regular basis. No hanging, hammers, or nails required!

arched windows doors ceiling georgian home light blue living rom art deco rug ideas inspiration

Trend alert! I’m seeing this “ombre” effect in many homes – the same colour throughout a house that ranges from light to dark.  This home features a wide array of blue shades that start from light powder blue and slowly transition to deep navy.

Can you say 50 Shades Of Blue?  If you decide on moodier or darker colours for your home, you should be working with high ceilings, and plenty of natural light. Side Note! These modern, art deco doors are a twist on classic Georgian windows – instead of multiple panes, they feature vertical steel frames with a classic arch at the top.

table setting ideas red blue arched windows doors georgian home mansion inspiration

And did you know that “botanical stylists” even existed? These woodland blooms were arranged by botanical stylists Caris Haughan and Vanessa Partridge of Prunella, Australia.

Working with an all white kitchen? Designer Robert Mills accented this Art Deco inspired kitchen with fuchsia, ruby red coloured chairs. (Below:) Black and white is a recurring theme throughout this home. Lacquered bar stools are tucked neatly under this clean, modern island.

modern white kitchen island black stools french tile floor georgian mansion art deco inspiration

french arched ceiling georgian style mansion staircase idea oversized art work hallway blue navy moody shop room ideas

I just want to dip my feet and walk barefoot on this gorgeous carpet! Who says carpeting has to be outdated? If you know how to pick the right one, it can be more luxurious than traditional hardwood floors. The upstairs hallway of this colonial home features soft and fuzzy blue velvet carpeting. Thinking of taking the carpet plunge in your own home? Carpeting can look beautiful and (bonus) is cheaper than hardwood!

quilted velvet navy blue sea turquise sofa couches setting design style ideas moody pinterest inspiration curtains georgian mansion shop room ideas

So many beautiful focal points of this grand living room! These quilted blue sofas are by Moroso and the quirky digital print painting is by Anne Scott Wilson named Portrait Landscape.

all blue living room jewel color room navy dark moody style ideas tufted couch french georgian manor home oversize art shop room ideas

The walls and fireplace are painted in the stormy jewel colour ‘Celtic Rush.’

navy deep jewel tone room blue bedroom reading nook inspiration blue tufted sofa chair wall mirror inspiration sea high ceilings georgian mansion style shop room ideas

If you have enough space to work with, create a quiet corner for yourself where you can watch birds outside your window, read a book, or just sip some coffee! Not sure where to place a large wall mirror? They don’t have to be centered in a room but can be tucked into a corner for an artistic effect. This wall mirror is in a geometric, hexagon shape that makes you feel like your inside an art gallery! When you pick inspiring and unusual pieces, you create interest and communication in your house.

black carpeting on stairs moody interiors ideas inspiration georgian style mansion home interior shop room ideasjpg

Just like out of an “Adam’s Family” movie! The velvet carpeting on these stairs appears to be almost black. I think I’m seriously in love with this.

modern all white beiege bathroom built in tile tub window idea inspiration georgian style interior shop room ideasblack and white powder room

All images from Vogue Living

The shower is almost invisible in this modern and contemporary bathroom revival. By using glass walls to create the shower, it leaves plenty of space for a built in tub and gives the optical illusion that the bathroom is much larger than we think!

Blue and Moody Colonial Home: SPLURGE EDITION

The Look For LESS Edition 

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