How to Incorporate Antiques Into Modern Decor

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Make your home’s style look unique by mixing antique furniture with your modern decor. Here’s exactly how to do it!

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When looking for an interior designer Malibu, you need to consider your design style. For example, if you’re looking for modern kitchen interior design or traditional design, then you will want to find someone who specializes in that style. Although, what are your options when you have a modern flair and an antique collection. The crazy thing is that while these styles seem drastically different, they actually balance each other quite well, especially when you know what you’re doing. If you want to mesh your antiques with your modern style, then focus on these five rules.

1. Use One Location

Most interior design firms Santa Monica CA will tell you there are multiple ways of using antiques in modern design. One way of blending antiques into modern decor is to focus the antique collection in one area. By creating a separate space for the pieces, you establish a focal point. Some suggestions for this focal area would be in a living corner or a hutch. Antiques deserve a place of prominence, so when people see them set up in one place, even in a modern home, they seem to belong.

2. Focus On Accessibility

Next, focus on accessibility. People are often too afraid of putting their antiques in accessible locations because they don’t want them to get damaged, but that is the wrong approach. Incorporating antiques into design means that you want them to be prominent fixtures in a space. It is hard for items to become important elements if you cannot interact with them. While it is necessary to protect antiques, it is also necessary to appreciate them.

3. Use Leather

Antiques often bring a rustic charm to modern designs, but sometimes that element can be a bit off-putting. To soften the contrast, you can choose to use leather elements. Leather is a clean and modern material, but it too has a certain rustic quality. Leather, then, acts as a buffer between the antiques and the modern pieces. You do not even need to use a lot of leather accents. Merely adding a leather ottoman or chair can be enough.

4. Organize By Color

A great way to incorporate antiques into a modern design is by utilizing color. Every antique piece likely has a prominent color, whether that be gold, brass or black. By organizing your antiques by color, you are essentially creating a somewhat modern art installation in your home. Again, allowing the antiques to become a focal point.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing

Last, don’t be afraid of mixing modern and antique elements together. You don’t always have to hide or subdue the contrast. For example, use an antique vanity in your bathroom and pair it with modern fixtures. You will be blown away by how good it looks.

Interior design is an art. While there are definitely styles that demand adherence to certain rules, some rules were meant to be broken. If you want help blending your antiques into your modern design, then contact a local interior designer.

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