Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas (Pink Christmas Tree Decor)

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[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#ef8bce” txt_color=”#ffffff”]You may want to skip the good ol’ red-and-gold decor even your grandma has been doing since the 1950’s.[/mks_pullquote] This year is all about trying something refreshing and exciting – we’re talking PINK and WHITE Christmas trees!

Check out the hottest hottest pink and white Christmas trees on pinterest!

1. Mariah Carey’s Christmas Tree 

Featured last year in Cosmopolitan, Mariah Carey’s Christmas tree is fun AND fabulous! She decorated a traditional green tree with pink peonies, white icicles, and white and pink ornaments. Not only is it affordable, it looks beautiful! This is definately a cute twist on your typical holiday tree and worth a try this year!

Mariah Carey's Christmas Tree featured in Cosmopolitan

Mariah Carey’s Christmas Tree featured in Cosmopolitan

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2. Pink And White Flocked Christmas Tree

Ok, many of you are wondering what the heck is a flocked tree. Well put simply, it’s when the branches and decor are covered in fake snow! This is an extremely easy DIY project: all you need is spray adhesive or Elmer’s glue, glitter and some epsom salts. Click here for a full DIY tutorial on Snow Covered Branches and Pinecones.

Luella June

Luella June

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3. Candy Land Christmas Tree

If you have kids, then this is a kid friendly and fun tree to decorate! You start with a white tree as your base, and you can pile on pink ribbons, gingerbread houses, icicles,  and even flowers. Look closely – you’ll even see some pink and white roses on this tree! P.S – I’m loving those frosted cupcakes on the table and pink champagne glasses! This is a very shabby-chic style Christmas tree, and perfect for the holidays.

This shabby chic Christmas tree is a perfect kid - friendly tree!

This shabby chic Christmas tree is a perfect kid – friendly tree!

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