How to Furnish a Garden Room

Written by Josie

Investing in a garden room is a great way to expand your living space and make the most of your beautiful garden. However, your new space won’t be much use if it’s not furnished!

If you take pride in the interior design of your home, then it’s likely that you’ll want your garden room to match. But how should you furnish your garden room? In today’s blog, we’re going to show you a few different ways to decorate your garden room while staying true to your design aesthetic.

The Rustic Look

Garden rooms can have quite a contemporary look because they’re made of metal and glass. However, this isn’t to everyone’s taste. To give your new garden room a rustic feel, include furniture made of natural materials like rattan or wicker. This type of furniture is a staple for rustic looking garden rooms and boasts a number of benefits. It’s lightweight, making it easy to move around and reposition when necessary. It also gives a beautiful timeless look that’s sure to complement your natural garden surroundings.

To further enhance the rustic look, why not include some sun-loving plants, a woven rug and neutral décor? Earth tones, nudes, greys and cream can all give a more rustic look to your modern garden room.

Dining Alfresco

Using your garden room as an alfresco dining space is so easy! All you need to do is furnish it like you’d furnish any other dining room. The most basic dining room contains nothing but a table and chairs, however you can really level up your garden dining room with a few additional extras.

For dining alfresco on chillier days, consider adding a heater to your garden room. If you enjoy a cup of coffee (or wine) after a meal, add a cosy coffee table, this will no doubt come in handy even when you’re not hosting a meal in your garden room.

Most of us host dinner parties that continue long after the sun goes down, so don’t forget to speak to your garden room supplier about integrated lights, or alternatively, invest in some gorgeous lamps or fairy lights.

Hot Tub House

If your idea of heaven is a relaxing hot tub with a spa-like atmosphere, then investing in a garden room is a great place to start. These modern structures can be used to shelter your hot tub from the weather, meaning you can make the most of your relaxing space all year round.

There are a lot of garden rooms on the market that can be altered according to your specifications, so whether you want the option to open the roof (for ventilation), frosted glass panels (for privacy) or sliding doors (for easy access to the rest of the garden), a bespoke sunroom is an excellent option for your new hot tub house.

Other things to include in your hot tub house are, benches to sit on while getting dry, a towel rack, appropriate lighting and somewhere to put your drinks. Nowadays, you can even get a hot tub bar that fits perfectly around your hot tub!

So there you have it, a few different ways to furnish a garden room. Whether you prefer a relaxed, rustic look or a high-tech hot tub house, a garden room is a great space to work with.

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