2016 Home Style – Colorful Rugs and Curtains To Shake Up The New Year

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Photo by Cassie at www.HiSugarPlumsBlog.com

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#6d02cc” txt_color=”#ffffff”]For some of you 2015 has been a great year (congrats to you!), while for others…well let’s just say you’re looking forward to 2016. [/mks_pullquote]There is no better way to refreshen your home – and life – in the new year than by satisfying those wild decorating cravings you’ve been suppressing for so long.

That’s why I’ve picked out this gorgeous indigo and purple living room, designed by Kristen Jackson as a fresh 2016 design inspiration! Saturated with rich hues of indigo, purple, and canary yellow, this space is sure to make you leave you absolutely breathless.

Lets Talk About: The Urban and Modern Persian Rug

This Persian rug is clearly the most powerful piece in this room! These rugs don’t have to be boring and traditional, they’re now available in hot pink, purple, and with virtually any design you can think of! This persian rug is from the Zahra Collection and is 100% wool from India, perfectly natural and they last for years.

Kristin Jackson

Home and Photo by Cassie at www.HiSugarPlumsBlog.com

Let’s not forget he abstract artwork! Without it, this living room would be dull and lifeless. The great thing about abstract artwork is it combines so many vivid colors that bring a room to life – it’s like a beautiful bird singing in a tree! This piece is a custom work done by Dara Burriss but you can get the look for a LOT less!

Under $200! – Abstract Artwork in Purple, Pink and Indigo

Draw The Sun In – Canary Yellow Curtains Turn This Into a Heavenly Oasis

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Home and Photo by Cassie at www.HiSugarPlumsBlog.com

The best way to dress up long French windows? Accent their view with bright colored drapes that catch plenty of attention!

These yellow drapes are perfect because they can go with any color in your home – green, blue, red, brown…the possibilities are endless. You could even use them in another part of your home. Yellow curtains also draw more sunlight into your space and make it look more airy.

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