3 Mouth-Watering Home Decor Finds you need RIGHT NOW!

Dimples and Tangles

1. Tropical Print Pillows

Ok so the above photo is a PERFECT example of a boring, beige / white couch most of you may have at home! Now, take some tropical or palm-print accent pillows and VOILA! You have upgraded your boring living room in an instant. Wait – there’s more! Add a tropical plant (you can find many at Target!) and a cute pink serving tray and you’ve re-designed your living room without breaking the bank. Enjoy now and thank us later!

Starting at $7.50! Tropical Print Home Decor Pieces You’ll Love!

2. Leopard Print Accent Chairs [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#5a0196″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]The beautiful thing about leopard print in the home? It virtually matches with ANY color, so if you have grey, blue, red, or green walls – leopard works for anyone![/mks_pullquote]

Everyone knows i’m an absolute fanatic for leopard print (just check out my personal closet!). So of course when I saw these Milo Baughman style leopard armchairs I just had to share!

The original set is a whopping €4.327,93 at 1st Dibs.com! For most of us this could buy us an entire house full of furniture, so if you don’t have Bill Gates type of money, don’t worry. We’ve found some pretty affordable leopard pieces online that can get you the same effect. 

Luella & June

Luella & June

  The original set is a whopping €4.327,93 at 1st Dibs.com!

Sally Wheat Interiors

Sally Wheat Interiors

Like It? Shop It!

3. A Smashing Blue Dresser

I would dare to say that a stunning dresser like this is borderline iconic. Glitzed out and glammed up, every home should own a dresser or buffet that stands out amongst everything else. The hardware is a gray pewter color and in the shape of butterflies.

Rae Bond

Rae Bond

Even if you have an old, boring dresser at home, you can find plenty of fashionable hardware online that are quick and easy to install. It definitely upgrades and changes your piece of furniture, so you won’t have to spend too much.

The best part? This is an old 70’s dresser that was re-tiqued at home!

Blue Like The Ocean – Trending Buffets and Dressers

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