3 Amazing Ways To Decorate With Plaid!

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Fall is here, and you still haven’t started decorating for the season? Don’t worry, we have some beautiful fall-inspired homes and matching product picks to make your life easier!

Ideas For Decorating With Plaid

1. The Red and Blue Plaid Couch

A Scottish classic, plaid – or tartan – was once woven out of wool but can be now found in many different materials. This mountain home is a classic example of how to decorate for fall. Navy blue and red plaid fabric is a dominant pattern, so keep the rest to a minimal with neutral colors such as white and brown. To make a plaid couch seem more modern, you can buy some silver studs at any online craft shop and adorn the back of your couch for a quick update!

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Rill Architects

Shop This Room: Red Plaid Sofa Chairs and Decor

Tartan Chair $925

Dinnerware $28

Chair $460

Target $350

Compass $17

Apron $42

Reversible Throw $310

Ornament $47

Nail Cabinet $1,598

Lamp $170

Coffee Table $430

Wall Art $62

2. Accent Plaid With Solid Wood Pieces

Everyone wants a beautiful home on a budget. But the majority of affordable furniture is made of particlewood and other cheap materials that aren’t long lasting. A solid pine bookshelf or coffee table makes your fall decor feel authentic, and looks great throughout the year. Real wooden furniture can be found used and in good condition online at Craigslist or Kijiji, and you can always re-stain it or even paint it.

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Robert Brown Design

Shop This Room: Mountain Lodge Decor With Red Plaid Accents

Cowhide Chair $362

Cowhide Ottoman $108

Aspen Pillow $160

Faux Moose $105

Handmade Rug

Fireplace Screen $55

Chandelier $418

Bookcase $244

Throw $125

Cowhide Rug $209

Bookcase $920

Lantern $9.99

Ribbon $25

Throw $159

Journal $22

3. Blue is Fall’s Newest Official Color

Forget red – this fall is all about decorating with blue color from aqua to dark navy! Red is a fall classic but has been overdone so many times. This traditional home has matched blue plaid with blue walls, a combination that is stunning and timeless. If you are scared to paint your walls a dark blue, try accenting your room with blue plaid blankets and pillows.

SMW Design

SMW Design

SMW Design

SMW Design

Shop This Room: English Mansion With Blue Plaid Pillows, Dishes, and Bedding

Plaid Chair $460

Dinnerware $42

Painting $53

Plaid Chair $104

Hip Flask $11

Bonbonniere $195

Bedding $79

Pre-Owned Painting

Wool Pillow $125

Chair $1,699

American Throw $240

Pillow $35

Lamp $380

Lantern $80

Notebook $64

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