What’s Hot: 8 Beautiful Gold Brass and Hammered Metal Kitchens


While we agree brass and metal kitchens look great, some very brave homeowners have taken it a step further, fully committing entire kitchen cabinets and islands to the trend!

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]H[/mks_dropcap]ammered metal and brass have been the reigning go-to style choice for beautiful accents in kitchens and homes in recent years. From faucets to doorknobs and light fixtures, warm metallics have slowly crept into popularity with homeowners and designers alike.

While we agree metal and brass accents look great, some very brave homeowners have taken it a step further, fully committing entire kitchen cabinets and islands to the trend!

So what do you guys think, is this trend a backstage crew on center-stage star? Check out these beautiful hammered-metal and brass kitchens to help you make up your mind!

Kitchen With Gold Metal Subway Tiles


Yvette Philips Interior Design

Stainless Silver Hammered Metal Cabinets

hammered metal gold-rustic-kitchen-golden-cabinets-marble-backsplas-countertop-foil-aint-renovation-gold-and-white-home-interior-design-inspiration-copper-design-scandinavian-nordic-swedish-style

Xavier Béjot

Thanks to its structural durability, metal has been a major component of home design since the beginning of time. These kitchen cabinets were hammered with sterling silver metal sheets and matching hammered-metal hardware. What’s great about hammered metal? It contains texture, warmth, and color depth that stainless steel lacks. Although a bit on the pricey side, it’s an investment that will outlast wood or plastic kitchens.

Mixing Color With Modern Brass Hardware 


Naked Kitchens

Did you know? Metal brass hardware is 300% more durable than zinc hardware! 

Metal or brass hardware is the easiest and most affordable way to jump on this trend! This turquoise kitchen was refreshed with gold hardware that is minimalistic and trendy. When choosing brass metal hardware, go with solid brass only as it is 300% more durable than zinc.

Gold Brass Countertops KILL Germs!



Brass metal countertops are perfect for families with kids. Why you may ask? Brass is anti-microbial. Just wipe with a wet cloth to clean. No soap or cleaners required! Since brass is made of mostly copper, it automatically kills germs on contact. Now that’s a kitchen we would really love to own!


Aubrie Pick

Gold brass is non-toxic and totally safe to use in the kitchen! 

Brass is made of two natural elements – copper and zinc. The cool part? It’s naturally forming and can be found in many multi-vitamins and foods. It’s also totally safe to use in your kitchen too, since it’s not toxic unless consumed in high doses.

Gold Kitchen Island


Emmas Design Blog

Golden brass looks great with virtually any and texture or color, including different shades of wood flooring, marble, and tiles.

White kitchens have been a popular gold standard for years amongst designers and decor divas alike. Make your kitchen shine from the rest and invest in a gold brass kitchen island. Wondering if it would look good in your home? Golden brass looks great with virtually and texture or color, including different shades of wood flooring, marble, and tiles.

It Looks Great With Virtually Any Style Kitchen


Cara Aston

Whether you’re a city girl or country girl – gold brass looks beautiful in any style imaginable.

From traditional to modern, it doesn’t really matter! Gold brass and metal hardware looks beautiful in any style kitchen. This Southern cream kitchen received a facelift with a brass chandelier and country-style faucet. So whether you’re a city or country girl, this design trend will definitely work for you!

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