3 Secrets To French Decorating: Versailles Inspired Rooms

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Who isn’t envious of the movie star lifestyle les Français are famous for?

Cafés overlooking the Seine, delicate desserts, stunning architecture, and fabulous interiors are just a few luxuries associated with the romance capital of the world. Read on if you’re looking to bring some majestic French beauty into your home. These photos are inspired straight from the Palace of Versailles – the epitome of French posh luxury!

How To Decorate Like The French – Versailles Inspired Rooms

1. Gilt Furniture Is Your Friend

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The French Bedroom Company

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”22″ bg_color=”#4f4f4f” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Another distinct feature of gilded furniture? The “cabriole” legs, or S – shape that mimic the more curving and natural forms that were stylish in the 18th Century[/mks_pullquote]Looking for a French style entrance or foyer idea for your home? Why not welcome your guests with a statement zebra rug, and traditional gilded hand carved furniture? A distinct feature of Versailles and French Regency style were bronze or gold gilded furniture, created by bronze makers who were masters in their craft. Today this same effect is achieved using paint and furnishing techniques, which are much more affordable. If you you’re dying to decorate your home à la Versailles, then gilded furniture pieces are a must!

2. French Bathrooms Need Marble Tiles

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Isler Homes

The palace of Versailles is known for it’s lavish furnishing of the finest European and French marbles. Once used by the rich, it has now become more common in regular households in the form of tiles, backsplashes, and fireplace mantles. If you’re looking to get the marble look in your French bathroom, you’re looking at $100-$300 /square foot including installation. This vanity is a 19th century French antique, turned into a vanity sink. You can buy one similar here.


David Phillips Design

Cheaper alternatives to marble are porcelain tiles – they look like marble and can be found for $1.99/square foot. Porcelain is a great option if you want a French washroom without the maintenance that comes with marble. Porcelain is more durable, stain repellent, water and heat safe.

Get The Look Now: Gold and Marble Bathroom

3. Invest In A Tufted Bed or Headboard

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Ok we admit that an extravagant, tufted french bed is extremely over the top, but doesn’t it look fantastic?! French bedroom furniture is defined by luxury, and made of hand carved wood with gold details and soft curves. Velvet and soft, neutral fabrics are a perfect choice for a tufted bed design. Looking to upgrade even more? Go with a velvet tufted headboard that is gorgeously accented with plush, gold buttons.

traditional-bedroom french parisian tufted bed diy diamond headboard all white hardwood floors gold versailles inspired pinterest shop room ideas style

The French Bedroom Company

Don’t have the thousands to splurge on a bed like this? No sweat! A Do It Yourself tutorial for a creating your own tufted bed can be found easily on Pinterest and online, so you can make one for half the price! Who wouldn’t want to spend a night in this room? Sign me up!

Sweet Dreams: Luxury Tufted Beds

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