Office Decorating – What to Look for in the Perfect Office Chair

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If you work in an office, chances are that you spend the majority of your time at a desk, sitting in your chair. If you work 8 hours like most of us, that is a lot of time sitting down. Seeing how we weren’t exactly built to sit, but rather to move and walk, a lot of people are experiencing some discomfort as a result.

Fortunately, designers and scientists have come up with ergonomic chairs which make sitting that much more comfortable and less damaging to the spine and the rest of your body. However, most of us have no idea what an ergonomic chair is and what to look out for when buying a chair. Office furniture companies typically have a wide selection of chairs with various features. It is up to you to find the one which will suit you the best.

Think About Back Support

The first thing about decorating your home office is that you need to have on a good office chair is back support. That means that your chair should ideally have a backrest which goes all along the line of your back, and preferably a neck rest as well. That way, the entirety of your back can be supported, minimizing the possibility of injury.

Speaking of the backrest, a straight backrest is not the ideal solution. If you think about the shape of your back, you will realize that it is curved slightly. If your backrest doesn’t match your back, it creates points of pressure where your back meets the backrest which become the ground zero for back pain and discomfort.

The Material Is Important As Well

You will be spending a lot of time in contact with your chair. That means that it should feel right to you, ideally. The material of the upholstery should feel pleasant to you if you want to be able to focus on your work.

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Think not only about the color but also the material and feel of the furniture you choose.

However, it’s not only the feel of the chair that is important. The material your chair is made of should allow it to breathe and not trap heat. After a while in a chair which cannot breathe, you will become itchy and too hot, causing you to lose focus. The most popular material in recent decorating trends has been a durable fabric mesh of various densities.

Adjustability Is Key

Not everyone is the same. Tall and short people cannot comfortably sit in the same chair for longer periods of time. You need to be able to adjust your chair according to your personal preferences, as well as your physical needs. The chair needs to be adjustable in more than one way. Everything from the height to the tilt needs to be customizable if you want to have proper posture while sitting all day.

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Not only does your chair need to be adjustable, it also should be adjustable without the use of tools. You should be able to adjust your seat while you are in the chair by using the knobs or levers on the chair itself. You can ask people at office furniture stores like to show you how to use the chair.

Support for Your Arms and Shoulders

Most people focus on the back support when picking a chair. However, if the chair doesn’t provide proper support for your arms and shoulders as well, it will eventually lead to shoulder and pack pain. If you cannot rest your arms on the armrests without shrugging your shoulders, the chair is not well-made or at least not good for you.

If you have a say in the type of chair you get at work, you should use these criteria to determine whether a chair is good for you or not.

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