How to Decorate Your Home With Orange (Photos)

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Painting your walls orange or decorating with orange furniture can seem daring and scary at first, but you can pull it off by following these easy tips provided by Shop Room Ideas!

1. Stay away from bright orange

Choose a subtle, burnt or brick orange as it is more natural and easily matches with other earthy tones, like blues and browns.

This sitting area is not only gorgeous its a testament to great design and talent. I love the mix of orange shades from earthy, to rustic, to bright, and the mix of blue in the carpet and pillows. Stunning!

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 Shop The Room:

Lounge Chair $1,600

Copper Vase $16

Throw $40

Anya Lamp $140

Bellbrook Pillow $24

Sub Bowl 466

Owl Banks $58

Pillow Covers

100% Cotton Throw $43

Turkish Carpet $168

Side Table $72

Cushion Covers $27

Swarovski $35

Moroccan Rug $975

Jewellery Armoire $9935

2. Use it as an accent color

If you are scared to paint your walls orange, try going with a few burnt orange color chairs, an orange throw, or pillows that have an orange design. This isn’t as overpowering but can still be beautiful.

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Shop The Room:

Table $688

Tray $9.90

Ethereal Bowl $325

Pillow $160

Leaf Platter $46

Coffee Table $340

Charside Table $160

Starfish Pillow $20

Budi Kwan Pillow

3. If you paint your walls orange…

It can be a great backdrop for brown, grey, and olive furniture pieces that can offset the wall color. Since orange has red and yellow undertones to it, its a beautiful warm color and is not as aggressive as red. Perfect for livening up a space, you can paint one wall orange to keep it from being too empowering. Last but not least, avoid black with orange! You don’t want your home looking like its ready for Halloween.

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